Pixi Pretties collaborations 2018

Thursday 19 April 2018

As you probably know, Pixi by Petra is one of my most favourite brands in the world, and around a year ago I was selected to be one of their ambassadors – which was one of the highlights of my blogging life to date! Last spring they launched a stunning collaboration collection with four beauty influencers, and this spring they've only gone and done it again, but this time with three: Chloe Morello, Dulce Candy and Weylie. Keep reading to discover the spring beauty must-haves that you need in your life!

Last spring Pixi released their very first Pixi Pretties campaign with MaryamNYC, Aspyn Ovard, ItsJudyTime and Caroline Hirons. Check out my review from last summer here. But this spring, Pixi by Petra have collaborated with three different beauty influencers and their collections couldn't be more dreamy – Pixi have really outdone themselves... again!

Chloe Morello X Pixi Beauty

Palette Chloette

RRP: £28
Chloe designed her makeup collection on the idea of falling in love, as she says that we glow and look out best when we're in love, and now we can get this glowing look without any of the heartbreak that may come after the honeymoon period! Complete with three stunning blush shades that leave your skin glowing from within, six beautiful eyeshadows and three brow shades – this palette is an amazing multi-use palette that I can't seem to put down. The blush shades are so natural and super glowy, while the eyeshadow shades are natural while still defining your gorgeous eyes, and the brow powders aren't too heavy. I'm definitely in love with this palette, and it's definitely making me GLOW!

Lip Icing

RRP: £16
All other lip glosses can now step aside, the queen of all glosses has arrived and she's more beautiful than you could ever imagine. A beautiful gloss that can be used alone or as a lip topper, if you're looking for a glossy sparkle, you've just found it. With a non-sticky formulation and thousands of glittery flecks, this beautiful gloss will leave your lips looking and feeling hydrated, plump and soft. I adore wearing this alone or over the top of a pink hued matte lipstick.

Dulce Candy X Pixi Beauty

Café Con Dulce

RRP: £28
If you're looking for a palette that will light up your entire face, then this stunning palette is for you. This wonderfully pigmented palette contains nine amazing glitzy shades in hues of pink, peach, pearl and gold. Each shade is extremely sparkly, and each shade has an extreme pigment pay off. I adore using these shades as eye shadows, especially for the spring and summer months, but they also work wonderfully as highlighters, blushes and contour shades too. This multi-use palette can really be used for whatever your heart desires. I know I've said it, but I'm going to say it again... the pigment is UNREAL! If you don't believe me, just take a look at the swatches below.. they're absolutely stunning! They also sparkle and shine beneath the sunlight too, which is rather wonderful.

Dulce's Lip Candy

RRP: £28
With nine truly stunning shades, this gorgeous lip palette will leave your lips looking luscious all summer long. Containing pinks, reds and an array of everything in between, this gorgeous palette can create a vast amount of lip looks in next to no time at all. Not only do you have nine stunning colours to pick from, but you can customise your own lip shade by mixing two or more of the shades together. My favourite shades would have to be... actually, how can I possibly choose!? Each shade is stunning in it's own right and will be used throughout the entirety of spring and summer, without a doubt! I honestly wish that the palette was more easily 'thrown in your bag', if you know what I mean? It just feels slightly hefty to carry around on hot summer days (with a messy lip brush too). I tend to choose a shade similar to a shade I have in traditional lipstick form so if I need to touch up my lipstick throughout the day, it's easily done. But other than that, there's no faults with this palette whatsoever – it's beautiful and oh so perfect!

Weylie X Pixi Beauty

Dimensional Eye Creator Kit

RRP: £22
Neutral palettes are everybody's favourites, aren't they? And this palette honestly has it all. With a stunning selection of matte shades in hues of brick red, brown and beige, and some beautifully pigmented metallic shade – this palette will become your go-to palette as soon as you hold it in your hands! Boasting of all of the above, plus being a super handy size too, this stunning eyeshadow palette is perfect for traveling!

We all love a fierce wing, and if you're looking for a seamless flick, then look no further. I'm so obsessed with both ends of this double ended eyeliner, but the liquid end is a true dream come true. Super thing and a tip that doesn't split, this easy-to-use and super-easy-to-manoeuvre eyeliner will give you wings big enough to fly away from all the haters. The kohl end of the double ended liner is equally as amazing, especially if you're aiming for more of a smokey and smouldering eye look. 

Pixi have outdone themselves again. Petra, Chloe, Dulce, Weylie and the rest of the incredible Pixi team have created the most amazing spring delights, that are completely irresistible. From shimmering shadows, to popping pink lips and fierce liner with bold brows – there's something for everybody within these amazing collaborations.

Pixi pride themselves on taking something beautiful (e.g. you) and bringing to life your amazing and gorgeous features, with products that enhance your beauty without hiding it. I love their ethos, and am honoured to be one of their chosen influencers.

What's your favourite piece from their new collaboration collection? Let me know below!

*PR sample/gift


  1. Wow everything is so beautiful in these collections, I want every single item!!! x


  2. I'm LONGING to try out Pixi products! Saw a few in TK Maxx last week but they were too dark for me - gutted! x



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