Thursday 9 October 2014

Recently I've been wearing lipstick. I've never really thought of wearing lippy before but before London Fashion Week I decided to take the plunge. L'Oréal's 24HR Infallible Lip Colour is my new best friend- I apply the lip colour and balm before I leave the house for college and by the time I'm back home 6 or 7 hours later, it still looks amazing. There's one or two things that I don't quite like about this product.. the range of colours are limited and the lip colour goes slightly dry in the middle but otherwise I 100% recommend this. Since I took photographs of the three I had, I purchased another two! They are so so so addictive! I've spent £50 of my birthday money on them but they're totally worth it! (see what I did there?) My most favourite colour I own would be Relentless Rogue as it is bold, moody and perfect for Autumn, although it'd look great all year round! 

Because you're worth it!

What's your favourite lippy brand?

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