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Saturday 23 January 2016

As a self-confessed candle addict and lover of all things that smell gorgeous, when I discover a new brand of home fragrance products, I just have to try and test them. Introducing my new candle muse, Heart and Home - Pure Bliss candles...
I discovered Heart and Home candles the other week whilst out shopping with my mum. I have always been dubious about small jar candles as they seem to have a hefty price tag with not so hefty burning hours, but for £5.99 and an estimated burning time of up to 30 hours, Heart and Home small jar candles are incredibly priced for the quality and hours of scent you're receiving.

I decided to purchase two fragrances; Intense and True Enchantment. Without knowing the story behind the scents, I picked these because I adored the scents and they just so happened to be 'romantic' themed candles, so that was a very pleasant surprise indeed.

Above is the fragrance 'Intense' which is a gorgeously heady and musky fragrance that has a very masculine/aftershave-ish scent about it. "Passionate and powerful, the spirit of desire is captured in this vibrant and seductive fragrance designed to stir the senses." The soy wax blend ensures that the colouring of this candle remains pale and soft as well as ensuring that the candle itself burns evenly and pools across to the edge, which is always vital when getting the most hours from your candle. This candle has a fresh element to it that invigorates your senses and leaves you with a room full of intense fragrance.

'True Enchantment' is a very pretty and girly fragrance with a slight hint of musk, which is more than likely to be the sandalwood that's present in the bottom notes of this delicate fragrance. A sweet and sugary scent that has a gorgeous heady depth to it, this scented candle may be small but incredibly mighty! "The promise of true love beats at the heart of this romantic fragrance, touched with sweetness and deepened with sensual warmth."

The packaging of these small and gorgeous candles is incredibly inviting. This metal lid has an image printed onto it that ties in beautifully with the theme and scent of the candle, complete with the Heart and Home logo in the centre of the lid. The short bio/proverb situated on the front of the candle is intriguing and meaningful and adds a touch of class to the small and delicate candles. The throw of fragrance isn't so big as other larger candle brands, but the scent does still fill a room for a good few hours, which is lovely, especially after a long and stressful day. I definitely recommend these candles to any candle lover out there, the price is incredible, the throw of fragrance is moderate and impactful and the presentation of the candles is exquisite, for under six pounds, you just cannot go wrong.

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