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Tuesday 5 January 2016

Whilst on the hunt for some new indulgent bathing accompaniments, I discovered Café de Bain's Indulgent Bath Crèmes. I was instantly intrigued and drawn in, firstly because of their pastel colour palette and secondly because of the fancy writing; then when I noticed the names of each of the three bath crèmes that I picked up and I was instantly in love.

Sweet Vanilla Madeleine

Sweet Vanilla Madeline smells incredible. The base note of the fragrance is of a buttery fragrance that is opulent and incredibly luxurious. Where these products are of a  Crème formula rather than Bubble Bath one, they don't bubble and expand as much as you'd expect. A slight froth is formed but this is okay for me as I'm not one for masses of bubbles surrounding me when bathing. The slight froth is perfectly fine, especially when the scent overpowers everything. The Sweet Vanilla Madeline fragrance is buttery, sweet and smells true to life. I would love this scent as a candle, perfume, body spritz and soap as it's incredible and ever so creamy!

Raspberry and Rose Crème Tarte

A true to life creamy, fruity yet floral bathing crème that is rich in raspberry and subtle in rose. The pastry scent is even present which is lovely treat. I adore this bath crème as it smells identical to what it states, it smells good enough to eat, it really does (but make sure you don't!!!). The scent will soak into your skin, leave it smooth, silky and soft whilst smelling delicious.

Cherry and Almond Frangipane

A rich yet opulent, luxurious crème that yet again is 100% true to life. This crème smells exactly identical to a french patisserie's Cherry and Almond Frangipane. It smells incredibly rich with the slight hint of soft, buttery shortcrust pastry that melts in the mouth. The rich cherry scent will stick to your skin, leaving you feeling glamorous, opulent and ever so fruity.

All three of these indulgent bath crème's will moisturise and nourish your skin, leave you smelling sweet and feeling great. I would definitely recommend these three decadent bathing crèmes, especially for those of you whom aren't too keen on trillions of bubbles on a day-to-day basis but still are in need of achieving great smelling skin with the added trait of silky, soft skin.

I picked these products up from Superdrug whilst on offer for £1.45 per bottle of 500ml - which is incredible value. The RRP for each of these is £2.99 - but even still, that price is incredible for the quality, fragrance and design that you're getting. I will definitely be repurchasing at full price.


  1. Wow these are such bargains at both their sale price and RRP! I've never seen these in Superdrug but I'll need to keep a close eye out for them. I adore their cute packaging and girly colours. I love the sound of the Raspberry and Rose Crème Tart, I have visions of it smells delicious! xx

    Jasmine ||

  2. I smelt these a while back in Superdrug and I have to agree, they do smell amazing! For some reason I never bought any but this may have tempted me....

    Charlotte ~

  3. Oh, these sound lovely. I don't know which one I'd like to try first. I'm leaning towards the raspberry one, I think.

    Christina x
    Christina Campbell Hughes


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