A look back at 2018 | The highs, the lows, and the way I found myself

Saturday 29 December 2018

Twenty-Eighteen, what a year! I was determined to make 2018 the most positive year yet, and despite having a few low moments (mental health wise) this year, it's been a surprisingly uplifting, and okay year. From releasing my first single, to looking into a new religion – a lot has happened, and I have achieved an awful lot too!

January came around, and I was incredibly isolated. Things weren't great. I felt segregated due to personal issues, and I was very lonely. I didn't think anybody cared, people weren't talking to me, and I was very alone – and in many ways I still am. I was pretty down for the first three/four months of 2018, but luckily things quickly shifted for me, and I soon found my true self. January saw me cut in a fringe, which I really regret now – I am convinced it was a quarter life crisis.

February came around, and I found a new way of coping with my demons. Writing songs about situations was a big help – getting all of my sadness and loneliness written out in song lyrics really helped. The song lyric 'Rain Showers' appeared in one of the songs I wrote, and this ironically became my first ever tattoo – a little rain cloud on my wrist. The rain cloud represents my sad times, and the rebirth of myself – flowers don't bloom without rain, so the rain cloud tattoo I got at the beginning of the year very much symbolised the beginning of the new me. Also in February, I got my second ever tattoo – a gorgeous sunflower tattoo on my left arm. Tattoos soon became a way of expressing myself, dealing with issues, and growing as a person – getting these tattoos enabled me to grow and find a spiritual being within myself, for which I am so happy to have unleashed. February also saw the release of my very first single – it hit Spotify and it was such a proud moment.

March and April saw the slow rebirth of myself. I began to become more confident again, more 'myself' and I changed for the better in so many ways. It was a period of studying for university, rediscovering myself, and becoming more positive. I also started to discover lots of new music – country music became a huge obsession of mine, and it really aided me in becoming more in touch with myself. May was a gorgeous month – it was full of springtime sunshine, fresh blooms, and iced coffee. The coldness had started to disappear, the sunshine was casting a warm breeze over us all, and I was becoming more and more myself as the days passed. I was reading A LOT, and I was finally embracing my loneliness, and accepting myself and my flaws. June was also a gorgeous month – my exams were finishing up, I was ready to embrace summer, and I was excited to be free for a little while. I embraced June by planning my next tattoos, reading lots more, styling more outfits, reading positive self-help books, and writing lots more for my blog. 

July marked the first month of myself diving in head first into the Law of Attraction. I fell in love with life all over again, and I was becoming the most positive version of myself – more positive than I had ever been before. I bought the book 'The Secret' and I can honestly say that it has been life-changing! July also saw me decide to transform the sunflower tattoo on my left arm into a sleeve, and I got a gorgeous Beach Rose design wrapping around the Sunflower.. this naturally made me more determined to fill in the gaps, so a week later I booked in again for another session in August.

August saw me get my third and forth tattoos added to my sleeve. August also saw me dive more into the world of Body Positivity. And August also marks the time that I start getting excited for autumn. I also passed year one of my degree with flying colours, and just 2 marks away from a first class!

September saw me come into my own. I turned twenty-one, I started looking into Wicca, I cleared up a few disputes, and I prepared myself for year two of university. September was glorious, as autumn was in full swing, and I was feeling motivated. I was back to university as soon as October arrived, and I was motivated to do well, achieve lots, and focus on my studies. Mid-October saw my mood plummet once again (not because of university, as my course is incredible, and I throughly love and enjoy it). I felt unhappy and low, but I started to practice Wicca, which brought my mood up drastically. Crystal healing started to play a big role in my life, as well as the moon cycles – and I was soon feeling my perky self again. I was motivated with uni work, feeling happy, and ready for anything.

November saw my uni productivity peak, which was brilliant as it ensured I completed all assignments with ease. I read the book 'The Magic' which is another book in the series of 'The Secret' – I started to practice gratitude every night, and this saw everything shift... in a brilliant way.

And now we're in December. Autumn is fading away before our very eyes, and the trees are all bare. My university exams and assignments are completed, and my fifth blogiversary is coming up at the end of this month. I'm still practicing Wicca and the LOA, I'm more positive than I have ever been, and despite the lows (I haven't gone into them in detail because I like to keep my personal life, personal. I hope you all understand), I have come out the other side feeling incredible, looking fantastic, and raring to go. I'm so excited for 2019. I've got a good feeling about you 2019, and I cannot wait for an abundance of wonderful circumstances... oh, and I can't wait until I can sing "22" on my 22nd birthday in September!

So there you go, that was my round up of 2018! A lot has happened, a lot has shifted, and my spiritual journey is always progressing, growing, and flourishing! I am SO excited about the prospect of 2019, and I cannot wait to receive abundance and happiness... it's going to be the best year yet – I can feel it. I'm claiming 2019 to be MY year, and you should too!

What's a high and a low point for you in 2018? And what do you hope will happen in 2019? Let me know below!

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  1. Sounds like you've had a pretty amazing year! My 2018 has been full of so many ups and downs but that's life I guess! Bring on 2019!! xxx


    1. So true! Life is full of ups and downs unfortunately! I hope 2019 is AMAZING for you my love!! xx


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