How to get a "ridiculously glowy outlook on life"

Thursday 13 December 2018

Apparently I have a "ridiculously glowy outlook on life" and apparently that's seen as a negative trait. I've not always been a positive person, and I've not always really loved life, or myself for that matter. I know what it's like to be negative, but I'm so grateful because I've turned my mindset around – I no longer think negatively, instead I'm positive, happy, and I have a zest for life that won't ever fade... so here's why it's okay to have a "ridiculously glowy outlook on life" – and how you can get a "ridiculously glowy outlook on life" too.

It's easy to fall into the trap of being sad, of being unhappy, of not enjoying life to its fullest. I've been there, and sometimes I still am in that place. But most of the time I'm trying hard to be positive. Being positive isn't linear.. just like a lot of things really. Being positive about anything won't ever happen over night – you're not going to wake up one day and immediately feel positive. It's a journey, a challenge, but it's an incredible life-changing, and powerful thing that will just suddenly be there one day.

I've always tried to be positive. I've always wanted to look on the bright side, to have a glass half full. Sometimes it's easier said than done, and sometimes it's hard to get out the mindset of negativity. When I was borderline homeless, it was hard to be positive, but I tried. When I had gallstones it was hard to be positive, but I was grateful for surgery, I was grateful for my doctors, and I was grateful for it not being life threatening. There's always a silver lining, you just have to look for it.

It all starts with gratitude. Gratitude is the be all and end all. Gratitude paves the way for positivity, and in turn, happiness. Without gratitude, we wouldn't be here. And if I hadn't started practicing gratitude at the beginning of summer, I'm convinced that my life would be a lot different now. 

As you may already know, I started practicing the Law of Attraction at the start of summer, and ever since my life has been so different. By simply seeing the beauty in everything, your life will be a million times more beautiful, positive, amazing, and wonderful. 

Gratitude is the key to the universe. Once you utilise gratitude, the universe will begin to open doors for you.. 

When you're on a high frequency, the universe feels it, and then the universe will give you back amazing things that are on the same high frequency as you. And that's one of the key rules to the Law of Attraction – like attracts like. If you're negative, if you're unhappy, if you only look at the things that are wrong with your life, then more things in your life won't be right.. they'll be wrong. But if you're forever looking on the bright side, feeling grateful, being positive, and making the most out of every single second, then the universe will feel that, and give you back everything that will make your life even more amazing. And that's it... like for like!

I never imagined in a million years that I would become a spiritual person. I never thought I'd be the type of girl who meditates with crystals or practices yoga and LOA on a daily basis. I never thought I would find myself looking into Wicca, and I never thought I would find myself doing moon rituals, drinking moon water, or burning sage to banish negative energies. But I am. This is me, and I am so grateful to have "found myself" as cheesy as that sounds.

Being a positive person doesn't mean that you're positive 24/7 – we still have our down days.

Just because I'm positive, and have a glowy outlook on life doesn't mean I'm positive 24/7 – because I am most definitely not. There's times where I feel low, hopeless, anxious, and sad. There's times where I don't know what I'm doing with myself. But it's just a case of grounding yourself, reminding yourself that everything is okay, and that the universe has your back. I won't tell you it's easy, because it's not – but it's a lot easier, and a lot less draining in comparison to being negative all of the time.

Steal Mollie's Style

This outfit is so perfect for the transition from autumn to winter. With deep reds, navy blues, and tans – this ensemble has a very preppy vibe, and a vibe I am LIVING for at the moment. I can't get enough of these hues.. and when it's the final quarter of the year, it's rude not to indulge in wearing them!

I'm wearing a gorgeous Floral Smock Top with Tie Sleeves from Lovedrobe – it's a blouse covered in stunning flowers, with gorgeous tied 3/4 length sleeves, and a stunning smock style. It flatters my figure perfectly, and it makes me feel super cute too. When teamed with some simple black leggings, black trousers, or even some jeans, this top looks casual, chic, and smart.

I teamed the blouse with some black leggings, tan chelsea boots and the most amazing satchel ever. I'm a sucker for preppy vibes during the colder months. Blood reds, navy blues, and tans – these colours go with anything and everything – and trust me, I'm obsessed! The satchel is the 16.5-inch Kalen Briefcase Satchel by the Leather Satchel Company, which is a collaboration piece with fashion blogger and icon – Kalen Maureece Allen. It is truly the most stunning briefcase satchel I have ever set my eyes on. With a large main compartment, two delicate front pockets, a handle at the top, and a long strap – this satchel is EVERYTHING.. and it will last you years too. If you're looking to make a statement while investing in something that will see you through the years, this is for you!

I hope this post has inspired you to be grateful, and to maybe even change your mindset too. It's important that we see the beauty in everything – the trees, the sea, the nature that surrounds us, and everything else that crosses our paths.

Do you practice gratitude on the regular? Let me know below!

*I was kindly gifted the blouse from Lovedrobe, and the satchel from the Leather Satchel Company


  1. color of dress and background natural color both are matching and you look too gorgeous with the outfit.


  2. I try to be positive no matter the circumstances, sometimes it's harder when you are surrounded by negative people. But I always try to see the glass half full too!!Love the outfit and that bag!! x


  3. The bag is so eyecatchy and I love those autumn colors.
    Amazing look :)

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  4. I definitely need to practice gratitude more! Thanks for the lovely post.
    I also adore your outfit.



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