Lavishing Myself With Self-Love And Self-Care This Valentine's Day With LUSH

Saturday 10 February 2024

[AD-PR - I was gifted the items mentioned in this post]

Valentine's Day is here once again and like every other year in my life when this time has rolled around, I'm single and turning to self-love and self-care to celebrate this day filled with love and affection. And honestly, what better way to celebrate Valentine's than with a big 'ole pamper session? And thanks to LUSH and their annual Valentine's Day collection, I can have the best V-Day pamper in existence... but what will I be using?

Love Burger Bath Gift

RRP: £14 | Shop here
Probably one of the most innovative bathing accompaniments that LUSH have come up with in recent times, The Love Burger offers three loved-up courses that form the ultimate bathing gift! Comprising of a zesty, Sicilian lemon oil burger bubble bar, layered with rhubarb and custard-scented salad soap, cuddled in between a loving, cherry-fragranced bath bomb burger bun, served up in fully recyclable packaging. The most amazing gift for yourself to shower yourself with self-love and appreciation this V-Day.

Big Squeeze Bath Bomb

RRP: £5.50 | Shop here
This bath bomb has the cute-factor in abundance and is made from softening agar and zesty juniper berry oil. A big enough bath bomb for two in the tub (or for two separate bathing experiences if you're like me and totally single), this sour grape-scented squish will leave your skin silky-soft and moisturised. And not to mention the dreamy colour your bath water will turn... it's a winner in our books! 

Whispering Heart Bath Bomb

RRP: £6 | Shop here
The Whispering Heart Bath Bomb will allow you to relax your mind and muscles thanks to the Epsom salts contained within. Fruity and packed full of scent, this pink beauty will leave your skin soft and smelling sweet. For the one you love (AKA yourself, honey), write a secret note, hide it inside and gift to yourself.

Love Potion Bath Bomb

RRP: £3.75 | Shop here
The cutest little bottle-shaped bath bomb, this purple potion bottle is sprinkled with orris root powder, which is well-known for its magical use of finding and holding onto love. This alluring Valentine's Day concoction is laced with a sweet, fruity strawberry and raspberry candy-like fragrance, complete with Sicilian red mandarin oil - and an added extra of some magical popping candy for a truly spellbinding purple-hued bath!

Love Letter Bath Bomb

RRP: £4 | Shop here
If you're anything like me, you probably adore all things sentimental like handwritten letters and notes, which is why this Love Letter Bath Bomb is a real must-have for V-Day season. Handmade with love and bursting with skin-softening Fair Trade organic cocoa butter and coconut milk powder, this cute little envelope-shaped bath bomb is bursting with a sweet and creamy strawberry sundae scent. Not only will it leave you feeling silky smooth and ready for anything, but it'll remind you to write yourself a love letter this V-Day. 

Strawberry Heart Soap

RRP: £5 | Shop here
This Strawberry Heart soap boasts of containing gentle skin care ingredients, like cooling and softening Fair Trade organic aloe vera gel and cleansing and brightening fresh strawberry juice. All of those dreamy and creamy ingredients (and of course the sensational scent) makes this the perfect family bathroom soap for everyone to use and adore.

Karma 4-Wick Scented Candle

RRP: £36 | Shop here
Honing in on self-love this V-Day? Well, For positive vibes galore simply light this whopper of a candle and fill the air with intoxicating patchouli, uplifting sweet orange and woody fir oils. As a huge fan of this heady and deep fragrance (I've been buying the perfume since 2012), I can whole-heartedly say that the candle smells exactly like the rich and sultry perfume, and just like the soap, shower gel and bath bombs too. The perfect me-gift for this Valentine's Day – make sure you celebrate yourself and your peace of mind with this relaxing and opulent 4-wick candle. 

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