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Monday 13 July 2015

Got that Monday feeling? Me too - but not for long! Here's how I kick start my week...
It's Monday. it's July. It's the height of Summer and we're mid year; which can only mean one thing - Academic Diaries are now on sale at WHSmiths. Not the climax you were expecting, huh? Well, I'm a stationary fanatic, I LOVE getting new stationary and I believe that when you buy a new diary it seems like you're getting your life together right? I've decided mid year is the fitting time to write a post to tie in with getting your life together during Summer. Keep reading to see my top tips on how to stay on top of your life.

Buy a diary

Buying a diary really does help you get everything organised and planned. It gives you a new lease of life and drives you to get the most out of everyday. I purchased mine the other day and since then; I've been on a roll - since the day I purchased mine my life has changed, this is no lie. I highly recommend mid-year diaries/planners as they boost you and they're perfect for college students or people with a habit like myself of dealing with mid-year diaries. 

Set yourself weekly goals

Setting yourself weekly goals is a great motivator. New year resolutions and long term goals can be a little hefty to stick with so if you're like me and prefer lots of small goals instead of one big daunting one; weekly goals are perfect. Examples of weekly goals include: Not eating crisps for 3 days, Get up early each day, Work out for 30 mins for 4 days etc.. My weekly goals for this week are as follows:
  • To blog everyday
  • To upload two YouTube videos
  • Not to eat as much chocolate
  • To eat my 5-a-day each day
  • To exercise 4 times for 30 mins each

Buy an alarm clock, a proper one

I need to invest in a 'proper' alarm clock - my phone alarm doesn't quite cut it. My alarm song is 'Na Na Na by One Direction' (I know, I know; how cringe worthy!) but it does wake me up. For a second... and then I roll back over and oversleep - I NEED TO GET MY ARSE UP EARLY! So yeah, buy an alarm clock - I will be this week.. if I remember!

Treat yo' self

The simpliset and leeast demanding tip of them all - treat yo' self. That nice dress you've had your eye on all month? Go and get it! Instead of ordering a skinny latte tomorrow morning get a full fat one with a shot of hazelnut syrup - after all, you got through monday and you 100% deserve it. Like I said - treat yourself at least once a week, more if you can. You only live once, remember, and you deserve to treat yourself as much as you can. Live life to the fullest and don't count the days, make the days count.

Drink fresh juice

When I'm bored of coffee; which isn't very often, I always turn to my favourite cool beverage (no, not champagne) fresh juice, of course! I always opt for a fresh juice that's packed with the most nutrients and that counts towards 3 or more of my 5-a-day becuase I'm super lazy on that front! Fresh juice is fabulous and super healthy! My personal favourite juice bar is Boost! Their juices are amazing!

I hope my top 5 tips on how to get your your life together and how to kick start your week have helped you get motivated and become a little more optimistic about the coming days. Let me know in the comments below what your weekly goals are, I'd love to know!

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