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Friday 17 July 2015

Stephanie Meyer and the young female directors
The Twilight Short Stories, the new voices of The Twilight Saga...

You may already know that I am a massive Twilight fan. I've followed the saga ever since I first fell in love with it - when Breaking Dawn Part 1 came out - and since then I've read the books, re-read the books, watched the movies, re-watched the movies, you could say I'm a pretty big fan! I'm a massive Edward Cullen fan and all in all, I just ADORE the entire saga and characters.

Stephanie Meyer, Writer of the entire book series, and her business partner Meghan Hibbett set up production company - Fickle Fish. Stephanie Meyer is really supportive of females making films and equality within the film-making industry, which is definitely something I am now passionate about too. Gender equality is a massively important factor within out lives and especially within the work place. So, Meghan and Stephanie had an idea to bring the back stories from Stephanie's book 'Twilight the illustrated guide' to life, with the help of some budding female directors.

Kristen Stewart, also known as Bella Swan/Cullen, Kate Winslet, Octavia Spencer, Catherine Hardwicke, Julie Bowen, Cathy Schulman and Stephanie Meyer herself were on the judging panel to select the up-and-coming female directors they wanted to take part in this amazing project. Each script had to focus on one charater from 'The Twilight Saga: Official Illustrated Guide' and take place before Bella arrived in Forks, Washington. The scripts were then selected by Stephanie Meyer, Lionsgate, Women In Film, Facebook and Volvo. The writers had to be at least 13 years of age. I think that the age was a great cut off point as it stops age discrimination as well as gender discrimination. The chosen directors were; Yulin Kuang, Cate Carson, The Spear Sisters, Amanda Tasse, Maja Fernqvist, Lindsey Hancock Williamson and Nicole Eckenroad.

Now, lets get onto the short stories...

We've Met Before 

Directed by Yulin Kuang
We've Met Before is a short story based around Alice and Jasper's relationship. Alice gets a vision prior to this short film, so she goes to this specific Diner in Philadelphia as she knows that Jasper will also be arriving there shortly. Alice is already a Vampire at this point, as is Jasper. Alice walks over to Jasper's booth and introduces herself by saying 'You've kept me waiting a long time' - implying that they've met before, when in fact, she has met him (in her memories) - he replies by saying 'Sorry Ma'am' in authentic 'Jasper' style. They go on to acquaint themselves further and then Jasper realises that Alice is of the same 'kind' as himself. The entire short movie is well set up, I also adore the colouring of the film, a dull yellow which shows that it was set many years back. Jasper is gentlemanly and Alice is lady-like. I adore this short film and give it 10/10, such a fabulous insight into how the two met.


Directed by Cate Carson
Masque is a short story based around Esme and Carlisle's relationship. Esme is a newborn, after stepping off a cliff due to losing her unborn baby, Carlisle saves her however by changing her into an immortal. Esme is finding it hard to control her thirst so when Carlisle receives an invitation to a party full of humans, Esme kindly declines. Carlisle sets off to the party and leaves a gift behind for Esme. She opens the box to find a pair of shoes and a note. Esme then arrives at the party, late, controlling her thirst. A father and daughter have a tiff at the party and Esme intervenes, she has very strong emotions towards children after her devastating ordeal. Will Esme let her thirst take over? Will she remain a 'vegetarian'? You'll have to watch to find out! I adored this short story and Carlisle and Esme are ever so in love and it makes me fall in love with the pair of them even more!

The Mary Brandon Alice File

Directed by Kailey and Samantha Spear
This short movie is definitely one of my favourites as it gives us an insight into why Alice can't remember a thing from her human life. Mary Alice is in an Asylum as her parents believed her to be crazy where she could predict small things such as the weather, the sex of a baby etc... Mary Alice undergoes Electric Shock therapy, as in these days it was seen as a cure from having mental health issues. Alice writes her name, age, birth-date and place of origin onto a piece of paper and holds it each time she undergoes treatment. One time, she drops it, the nurse picks it up and doesn't return it to Mary Alice. When Mary Alice hears her name the next time she prefers it to just be Alice, she now has no recollection of her past. This mini movie is amazing as it shows us how Alice lost her memory and also, what she endured in her human life. The Mary Alice Brandon File is made amazingly well and the setting is perfect. I loved this mini movie.


Directed by Amanda Tasse
This mini story is the back story of Benjamin. Benjamin is highly talented and can control the elements. Benjamin has no mother or father and lives with his uncle, when his uncle finds out about his talents, he makes him perform as a street entertainer. Among the other children in his uncles care is a young girl called Tia, Tia and Benjamin fall in love. As they grow up his uncle would make Benjamin perform whilst Tia would steal from the audience. One day they get caught out by the audience and Tia and Benjamin run away into a hidden alley, they make a pact to runaway but before they can outlive this dream, Benjamin's uncle comes to confront Benjamin and this in where Tia runs away, by herself. Benjamin's uncle is holding him against a wall and then a figure appears, Amun, Amun is the leader of the Egyptian Coven, he kills Benjamin's Uncle and then changes Benjamin into an immortal. Five years later, Benjamin returns to his human roots to find Tia, he explains what has happened to her and Tia then asks to become one of his kind. Leaving behind her new-found husband, family and life; Benjamin and Tia embark on their adventure that they had once planned, 5 years ago, but unplanned, they're both now immortals. I adored this entire short movie as it was set out amazingly, the surroundings were very authentic and the actors were incredibly talented. 


Directed by Maja Fernqvist
This short film tells the story of Jane and her brother Alec and their tragic story on how they became immortal. Whilst they was young, I estimate around 6/7, Jane and Alec were playing in their Mothers garden when a mysterious figure appeared, Aro. Jane and Alec's mother appeared and Aro asked if he could say hello to the two young children, Aro took their hands into his and said 'Fascinating, so much potential'. The story then moved onwards to when Jane and Alec were around 12/13, only a guess, playing in the field. As they walked through their village people were staring and spitting towards them. They then reached a woodland where they parted ways whilst young Jane picked some yellow blooms for her Mother when a group of young boys came up to her, calling her a 'Witch' and kicked her to the ground. Villagers came, so did her Brother and Mother - the boys that harmed Jane were now missing and the villagers were adiment that it was Jane's doing, as they believed her to be a witch. They then took her and her brother, Alec and placed them on a bonfire. Before they could be burnt, Aro appeared. Watch the full short story to see what happened next. I adored this short film as it gives an insight into Jane and Alec's past. We didn't get to hear much about their past during Twilight feature length movies, so this really helps us to get the entire picture.


Directed by Lindsey Hancock Williamson
This mini movie tells us the story behind Carlisle and Garrett's friendship; how they met and under what circumstances. Carlisle was a doctor/physician during the American Revolution, enduring his thirst and saving lives. One day Garrett walks into his tent, cradling what appears to be a young male soldier with a wound. Carlisle examines the wound and patient to discover him to be a her. Garrett explains how she is his sister. Garret then goes on to realise that Carlisle is of the same kind as him - immortal. Garrett is astonished by how Dr. Cullen can restrain himself and endure the scent of human blood. The captain comes into the tent to discover that his soldier is in fact a women, just as they're about to arrest them all, Garrett lets his thirst overtake him and lets his venom loose on the captain. This mini movie was a really fabulous insight into how immortals restrain themselves from the thirst and also how immortals can recognise others of their kind. I loved how this mini movie portrayed Carlisle's earlier years as a vampire as it shows us how old he actually is.

The Groundskeeper

Directed by Nicole Eckenroad
This mini movie tells us about Alice's past after the time that 'The Mary Alice Brandon' case was set; Alice has no recollection of the past and is still in the asylum. It's 1920 and Alice is in the Asylum, she has one faitful friend Kumbo - an immortal. Alice see's the future, she see's two people, who are known to us as James and Victoria, Kumbo want's to save Alice and sacrifice himself. Kumbo faces off with the two in Alice's vision, to realise they are also immortals. Alice is in a hole in the ground at this point. James and Victoria then kill Kumbo as they are so desperate for Alice. Alice is still in the hole at this point, having visions of the future, one of the visions being of her in the Diner, around the same time of 'We've Met Before' and another vision of her in the purple dress at Bella's Wedding and then to end this epic mini movie, Alice opens her eyes, her red eyes. As we know from the books, Alice was changed by James. This back story is great as it shows us how and under what circumstances Alice became an immortal. 

I highly reccomend watching these seven mini movies. If you enjoy Twilight or not, these mini back stories are well made, well directed and acted exquisitly. All of the actors and actresses are immensly talented and I'm sure they'll go far. The directors have done an incredible job with these movies and they should be immensly proud of themselves, I can't wait to follow their journey's within the film industry!

To watch all of the shorts, click on here.

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