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Tuesday 14 July 2015

British Fashion, my favourite fashion if I'm being honest...
British Fashion designers are my favourite because well, I'm British and it's important that us Britons support our British roots, right? The quality of British fashion is also to an incredible standard too. British Fashion is becoming more and more sought after and we have our incredible designers to thank for that. I'm a strong believer in British Fashion and today I'm going to share with you my personal favourite British Fashion Designers.

Vivienne Westwood

Probably the most influential and well-known British Fashion Designer of our time; Vivienne Westwood has a career spanning over 5 decades. With incredible knowledge and experience, Westwood's career has been long and prosperous and still isn't over. From her punk collections which included tartan prints to her figure hugging corset dresses to her famous squiggle print - Westwood's career as a fashion designer has influenced the fashion world greatly and if I'm being honest, I can't imagine it without her flare.

Lulu Guinness

Not as known as Dame Vivienne but still as 'out there' and quintessentially British. Lulu Guinness HAS to be one of my favourite British Designers as she designs the most unique and stunning handbags and if you know me, I do love a good handbag. I own a few handbags designed by Lulu, herself and they're eye-catching and wacky and never fail to turn heads. I believe Lulu deserves much more recognition than she gets. Her designs are one of a kind and they're a British treasure in my opinion. Most famous for her face print bags which include: Doll Face and Archive Eyes, Lulu's bags are full of life, fun and vibrant prints and colours. 

Matthew Williamson

Matthew Williamson is the undisputed king of 'boho chic' - although this term is slightly outdated I'm pretty sure we'll be seeing 'boho chic' again sometime soon, after all, fashion does come full circle every few years. When I think of Matthew Williamson, I automatically think of bright, jewel tones and luxurious fabrics, it's definitely another of his trademarks. Williamson now focuses more on the girly aspect of women's fashion, traditional and pretty instead of his earlier boho days. 

Alexander McQueen

Lee 'Alexander' McQueen was an incredibly sought after British Fashion Designer and Couturier. From working with Givenchy to founding his own label - Alexander McQueen, Lee's history is amazing and awe inspiring. Alexander McQueen's most recognizable pieces include his ever so unique skull print scarves and his armadillo shoes as seen on Lady Gaga. He was sadly taken from us on 11th February 2010 after the tragic death of his Mother. McQueen - his much loved label however, is growing each day with the help of the fabulously talented Sarah Burton who is now head designer/creative director of Alexander McQueen - the label. Burton knows exactly what Lee would have wanted and she is doing a fabulous job, I can't admire her enough. She designed Kate Middleton's wedding dress too - The Duchess Of Cambridge is a massive fan of Alexander McQueen and you'll regularly see her sporting something by this recognizably British label.

Stella McCartney

Daughter of the great Sir Paul McCartney, Stella has made her own path in life, as a British Fashion Designer. Stella Nina McCartney is in her forties and even by this age, she has achieved so much. In 2001 after her position as creative director at fashion house; Chloe, Stella launched her very own self titled fashion house. As a lifelong veggie, Stella doesn't use any leather or fur as this goes against her beliefs, and rightly so if I do say so myself. Stella's most recognizable designs include her famous star print and her handbag with chain detailing.

British Fashion is something that we as Britons should celebrate day in, day out. These 5 fashion designers mostly came from humble beginnings and have fought blood, sweat, tears and a whole lot of fabric to get to where they are today. These brands will live on many years, decades and centuries after the designers pass. Sarah Burton and Alexander McQueen have demonstrated this. Support British Fashion! After all, it's part of our heritage within the fashion world.

Let me know in the comments below who your favourite British fashion designer is and why?

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