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Thursday 16 July 2015

You're never too old for anything. You're never too old for achieving your dreams, doing what you love or following your dreams and Daphne Selfe proves this…
As we get older we think that we have a lesser chance of achieving our dreams and aspirations. We think that we're not as important, not as 'young' and in our prime as we once was. All of this is just physiological and somebody that proves this is the worlds oldest supermodel - Daphne Selfe.

At the ripe age of 87, Daphne is the worlds oldest supermodel. She lives in the UK but is still jetting all over the world and is very in demand of many campaigns worldwide. Daphne started her modelling career at the age of 20 in the year of 1950, she bagged herself, through a competition, the front cover of The Reading Review. For her first modelling job she was paid the equivalent to £15.75, when you compare that to what models receive nowadays, it's astonishing! She didn't 'make it' as top model until she was 70, after her husband died she catapulted herself back into the modelling world to achieve her goals; this just proves to us all that no matter what your age or circumstance, if you work hard enough, you will achieve your dreams. Her career took off at the age of 70 due to her hair becoming greyer, many people believe she looks more radiant now she is older, I can't help but agree with them; she looks so young even though she's 87, I can only hope that I look as good as her when I'm her age! Her secrets to looking so good at 87 are; eating healthily and keeping fit, she hasn't had any botox and doesn't use any special facial creams other than her trusty Nivea.

Daphne has modelled for various campaigns including Vogue, Nivea, Dolce and Gabbana, Olay, GAP and Marie Claire. She's under the modelling agency: Models 1 and has been since 1998. Daphne believes that 'clothes look better on the slimmer person, but you don't have to be that slim' and she doesn't agree with thigh gaps either.

Daphne is a true inspiration to every girl, lady and women out there. She beams confidence, beauty and sheer youth. Daphne is my new role model and I think she deserves much more recognition. May she have many more healthy and happy years of modelling. Daphne is currently working on campaigns with OPSM - a campaign concentrating on igniting a sense of style within the older generation.

If Miss Selfe can do what she's doing, so can you. Age is just a number and doesn't determine whether or not you can achieve your dreams. Age is no excuse and age isn't something we should discriminate against/by. If you've got a dream, pursue it. No matter what your age, race, size, shape or religion - you can do it! You can achieve what you want, the world is your oyster and you are the pearl.


  1. Wow, what an amazing post! She is a truly inspirational women.And I agree with what you are saying, that is she can still achieve her dreams at her age then why can we! Loved this post and she looks so beautiful :)

    Sonam -


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