Coffee Club | Maxfields in Eastbourne

Saturday 11 July 2015

Welcome to Mollie's Coffee Club, a new, weekly instalment coming to The Perks Of Mollie Quirk every Saturday at 1pm GMT.. What's Mollie's coffee obsession this week…
Coffee Club is a new weekly instalment here on TPOMQ, where I will share with you my weekly Coffee obsession, whether it be a Frappé, Cooler, Traditional Coffee or Tea - you'll find out my TOP picks and drinks.
A few weeks ago, I visited Maxfields Coffee Shop/Bar in Eastbourne. Maxfields is a new coffee shop/bar that has recently opened in Eastbourne town centre, situated in Langney Road, Eastbourne, this chic little cafe is more than just a 'Coffee Shop'. They serve alcohol, hot traditional beverages and food too. With a relaxed vibe and trendy décor, this coffee shop/bar with a difference is sure to be a big hit. 
Eastbourne has a few coffee shop chains within the town centre but Maxfields sets them all apart. Maxfields isn't just for popping in and getting a coffee to go, Maxfields is for chilling out with a coffee, newspaper (or this blog on your iPad, right!?) and maybe having a bite to eat. Maxfields is great for people who want to either relax and finish off your work or maybe meet the girls for Brunch or Lunch. Maxfields' staff are welcoming and warm and did I mention, their coffee is fabulous as well as good value. 

I highly recommend popping in to Maxfields if you love a relaxed vibe, good coffee and a warm and inviting atmosphere. If you're in and around Eastbourne, head down to Langney Road and have a good cup of their fabulous coffee!

 See you next week @ 1pm GMT for my second instalment of Mollie's Coffee Club - I wonder where it will be!?


  1. Great post, love the photos! I love you eye makeup :)

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