Sunday Reflection #2 | You should be proud of your blog (and what you do)

Sunday 19 July 2015

So, you don't want your friends to find out about your blog, why though?
I was lucky I suppose, I started my blog whilst I was out of school due to my health, I didn't have bitchy girls taking the mickey out of my blog or jealous girls copying me. I could do what I wanted and most of all be who I wanted - It was great, I really did find myself in those 2 years. I then started College last September and I decided not to keep my blog a secret, as much as I didn't want people to copy me and as much as I didn't want people to think it was silly and pointless; I didn't keep it a secret. I admit that if I was still living in my old area, Poole in Dorset, I would have probably done my up most to keep it a secret as none of the girls in my school liked me and it would have just been embarrassing to say the least. But now I'm almost 4 years wiser and a lot more confident with who I am - people don't phase me in the slightest and they shouldn't bother you either.. here's why.

You only get one life

You only get one life, so live it. Live it how you want by doing what you want, being who you want and living it how you want. If you want to start up a blog; do it. If you want to start anything to improve your happiness then do it. Where is the harm of living out your goals and aspirations?

Does it really matter what other people think?

Since having 2 years off from School and growing older, I've realised that other people's perceptions of you mean NOTHING. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion and if they choose to judge you for whatever you're doing then that's okay as there will always be someone who doesn't like you or what you're doing. Just do what you want and try not to give a s*** because if it makes you happy, it's 100% worth it and nobody's opinions should matter to you.

Doing what makes you smile is good for your health

Really, it is. You may think it's a bit of a strong statement but when you're doing something you love, you feel happier and this means your healthier; mentally and physically. Mental health is important and if you're not doing what you love (and maybe doing something you detest instead) this can all lead to breakdowns, panic attacks and depression - so if you want to do something, do it. If you want to blog, blog!

Don't go out of your way to hide it (or shout about it)

So, you're starting college/new school/new job - don't hide your blog/youtube but equally, don't shout about it too much. When you introduce yourself to someone don't let the first thing you say be: "Hello, I'm (your name) and I run a blog/youtube channel" as that will look like you're full of yourself. If anything arises in the conversation that links to your blog/youtube, feel free to drop it in though, as if you don't you will feel like you have to keep it from people again and this isn't good. Keeping things from your class, friends or family is not a good thing as this can lead to extra stress and anxiety, if it's what you love to do, share it with people. Plus; having a blog is AMAZING for you CV!

9 times out of 10 they won't care

People these days don't care what other people do, especially once you hit 16/17. Everyone is out living their own lives so they don't have time to obsess over your daily musings. If you're driven enough to pursue your goals then it will be you benefiting from it, nobody else. So please don't worry what people think. Be strong, independent and do what you want in life.

The moral of the story, is do what you love and don't worry about other people's opinions. Your blog (or whatever you do) should be something you're proud of, something that you love to share and something that you're not worried about when it comes to other people's thoughts and opinions. Do what makes you happy and blog until you're heart is content!

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