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Monday 20 July 2015

We all have an idea of what our perfect summer would be like...
Summer is that time of the year we want to feel young, full of life and achieve our dreams, right? Unfortunately our dreams rarely become reality. I've put together my unrealistic summer bucket list AKA everything I'd love to do over the next few Summer's - things that will probably never happen.

Hot air balloon ride

How amazing would it be to go up in a hot air balloon and look out over all of the beautiful scenery. Glass of champagne in hand whilst taking in the views and the scent of freshly cut grass. A warm breeze blowing and the sun slowly setting.. aaah, perfect!

Road trip

I would LOVE to go on a road trip. Just you and a bunch of friends driving around aimlessly, having fun and then setting up camp underneath the stars.. how perfect. I would totally be up for this but then I think back to films I've seen such as 'Wolf Creek' and 'Wrong Turn'... maybe not such a good idea huh? But a girl can sure dream!

Beverley Hills Shopping Spree

If at any point in my life I have $1 Million in my bank, I will totally live out this dream! I want to live like the Kardashians and experience this - every girls dream!

Visit India

I'd love to visit India! Long hot Indian nights, all of the sights and smells, spices and food. I bet it would be such a cultured and hippy holiday!

Go to a festival

I have always wanted to go to a festival. For the past two years I have written about festival fashion and I think it's time that I actually attend one soon. Camping out, dancing, singing - I love concerts, so I am sure I would adore festivals! Maybe next summer. 

Have a Carrie Bradshaw moment in NYC

I am OBSESSED with the book series by Candace Bushnell - The Carrie Diaries and Summer in The City. I would LOVE to got to NYC, enroll on a writing course and live out Carrie Bradshaw's teen years.

Have the body of a Victoria's Secret Model

I ain't know VS PINK model but I sure as heck would love to have a slim body, lean thighs and smaller boobs. I'm happy as I am (other than hating my butt). But just for the summer, to have a VS figure would be great - wearing what you want, looking hot in a bikini and not caring what people think as you walk around in just a bikini all day.

Go back to Dubai and hit up The Mall Of Emirates

5 years ago I holidayed in Dubai - IT WAS AMAZING!!! I wish I could go back. Why? Becuase I was 5 years younger than I am now and I'd know I'd appreciate it a whole lot more! I'd also hit up The Mall Of Emirates and take full advantage of it. I was young and had no clue about shopping, If I went back there this summer I would totally know how to shop until I flop/drop!

Read 100 books

I love reading and I wish I had the time to read 100 books in one summer alone! Imagine going on over 100 adventures in one summer!? I couldn't think of anything more perfect.

Go to the beach EVERYDAY!

I live in a seaside town, yet I barely visit the beach!? Crazy right? Well, I'd LOVE to hit the beach everyday for the entire summer, imagine that golden tan! *insert heart face emoji* Laying under sun, eating ice pops and whirly ice creams, fish and chips and mini BBQ's. 

Visit Forks, Washington

It's my dream to go to Forks. If you like Twilight, you'll know exactly what I'm talking about. I just really want to be Bella Swan/Cullen and fall in love with Edward.. *sigh*

Pass my exams

I'm hoping that this is realistic but I have a feeling that it's not.. I hope I pass all of my exams!! 

Learn to surf

I'd probably be absolutely, excruciatingly awful at surfing, but I'm up for anything! It'd just be cool to be like those Hollister girls and ride the waves like a pro.

Eat healthily each and every day of summer

Waking up to a bowl of fresh fruit everyday and eating healthy throughout the entire duration of summer. I do eat relatively healthy but I'd love to eat properly healthy constantly.

Go on a picnic every day during summer

I love going on picnics and to go every day throughout summer would be great. Just lazing around a cute park or grounds of a fancy house or on a hot beach or even in the garden; sun bathing, eating yummy fresh food and having a laugh with some friends and family.

UK Roadtrip Tour

I would LOVE to travel around the whole of the UK and visit every single county and town! That would be amazing! I would love that so so much! Maybe one week travel around Wales, the next around Scotland, the next around Cornwall, so on and so on. I would honestly adore to do this!

These aren't 'that' unrealistic but they are for me at the moment as I'm in the process of moving etc.. but hopefully when I'm around 30 I hope I'll be writing a post saying I've done all of this - now, that would be amazing!

Tell me something from your Summer Bucket list, unrealistic or realistic - I would love to know, so comment below!


  1. sometimes it's nice to write a list of 'unrealistic' things, they're always something to aspire to completing! great list x

  2. I love this! And exactly what you said, while they might be out of reach now they are very achievable! Wicked list xx

    Talia // Floral Anchors


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