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Monday 3 August 2015

I'm not a slim, slender or skinny girl, I have curves...
I have never been slim and nor will I ever be. I'd love to have a Victoria's Secret Model's figure, but it's never going to happen. My waist is small, yes, but my bum is far from that. Having a small waist yet big hips/bum and medium boobs equals out to being curvy. I would love to have a smaller bum, god I've been working at it for years. But I'm never going to be a Size 0 or even 6 and I've accepted that.

Being curvy means I follow curvy models on Instagram so I can see how they wear the latest trends etc.. they're not only gorgeous but incredibly inspiring too. These girls represent the average woman and how we're not all slim and slender. It's normal to have thicker thighs, stretch marks and cellulite.

I think younger girls, girls younger than myself, should look up to curvier women such as Jada Sezer, Nadia Aboulhosn and Denise Bidot as they are all beautiful women who don't fit in with society's norms and perceptions. I'm not encouraging obesity or eating copious amounts, but I am encouraging body confidence and being comfortable in your own skin. The type of confidence that helps young girls grow into healthy young women instead of believing they're 'too fat' or 'too thin' or some other blurred perception that society wants us to believe.

I'm not too keen on my figure/body but I'm still pretty confident. I don't cry over my big bum, but I do hate it. It makes me look bigger than I am so I have to wear clothes that flatter my bum rather than fatter it - if that makes sense. My waist is small and my bum is big, it's super annoying but it's who I am - at the moment, anyway.

Jada, Nadia and Denise promote body confidence in a some what subliminal way - just by being them makes me feel more confident about me, being me.

I just want you to know that you're beautiful whether you're curvy or slim - beauty is only skin deep and I know for a fact that you, the person reading this, is gorgeous and funny and amazing and the media's blurred perception of 'beauty' isn't going to dictate to you how to look - BE YOU, BE-YOU-TIFUL!


  1. this is such a great post, it's almost like you read my mind!

  2. Girl, I am with you on that! It's not just my bum that's round, though. My face, stomach, thighs, even my elbows are somewhat curved instead of pointed. Currently, I hide that with huge, baggy shirts my boyfriend gives me and leggings or something, but for the past year I've been wearing dresses with coloured tights and even shorts with tights. I'm not comfortable yet (and the country isn't warm enough yet) for showing my real skin, but I feel like it's a boost. I love these women and follow them everywhere, however the problem is that I think their faces are almost TOO flawless, as is their skin (is that horrible to say?) and they don't really look like us. We're gorgeous, too, but there isn't a way I can explain it without sounding like a bitch, I'll just leave it for interpretation.

    Thank you for writing this, it was a great read!

    1. Dresses are amazing; keep doing what you're doing and love yourself as much as you can because everybody is gorgeous and perfect! I totally agree, they do seem rather flawless - almost not real/life-like! xxx

  3. I love this post, I think we should learn to embrace curves and it should not matter how we look as long we are happy with ourselves no one can bring you down! :)

  4. Love this post! As I get older I've become more accepting of my natural size and I know I'm never going to be the size of a VS model, but when I see posts like this it reminds me that I'm not the only one. Just not enough of us are brave enough to put our body out there to show that it's totally normal.

    x Vanessa


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