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Thursday 20 August 2015

Hundreds of Thousands of Millions of British Students received their GCSE Results today; Including me...

Although I'm in Year 12 (Year 13 in around 3 weeks time), I've only just completed my GCSE's due to having two years off of school as I was homeless and had gallstones - long story!

Since September 2014 I have been concentrating on my GCSE's. I took Photography, Science, English and Sociology. I adored Photography and Sociology so much, they were my two favourite subjects ever. 

I loved the independence of Photography and the way I could express myself through the pictures I took. Developing my own pictures in the dark room was such an amazing experience too, definitely something I can tick off my bucket-list! It was stressful and involved around 3 nights of sitting up until 4 in the morning, finalising everything and making sure it was my idea of perfect. I took hundreds of thousands of photographs and had to whittle them all down to 8 final images. It was incredibly stressful, especially the day before the final deadline when I was printing out my final images and my memory stick decided to die on me.. not helpful. But I got a mighty fine A!!! I could't believe it when I checked my phone this morning to see a big fat A before my very eyes! I am so proud of myself and can't quite believe it still, almost 12 hours later!

Sociology was ever so interesting and I adored it so much. I really loved learning about society and I'm pretty sure I pissed my mum off when I used to bombard her with sociological terms - I still do when I feel the need! I got a B in my first paper and a C in my second; so they rounded it down to a C. I'm still super pleased with myself though, as I really thought I'd get a D! 

English was also an enjoyable lesson as I got to express myself through words. I took an iGCSE which is apparently different from the 'bog-standard' GCSE. It was very fluid, as in, I could choose my own topics, it wasn't a set brief. I chose Fashion, of course. I wrote a report in a broadsheet style, about how I believe it would be beneficial for the United Kingdom if we manufactured clothing sold in the UK, here in the UK. I spent ages on that too. It took me around 5 months in total to do the research, write the drafts, the writing commentary, the reading commentary and the main article as well as a speaking assessment too. I achieved a B in my coursework and a C in my Higher English paper.. so of course.. they rounded it down to a C.

Science was my WORST lesson ever. My teacher was incredibly bad and I hated the lesson so much that I ended up skipping some of the classes. But I still got a C in Biology, a D in Chemistry and an F in Physics - they rounded this all down to an E. 

I didn't need Science however. I achieved 3 GCSE's A, C and C - this means I can start my Creative Media Level 3 B-TEC Diploma in around 3 weeks time, I am super excited about this. I'll also be taking a Maths GCSE as I am so incredibly awful at Maths. But the Media course looks so exciting and right up my street. It'll probably impact on my blog and youtube quite a bit too, so keep an eye out for improvements and so on.

So yeah, I am now the beholder of GCSE's in English, Photography and Sociology. In two years time I will hopefully be the beholder of a Diploma in Media and then who knows where my journey in life will take me? I hope it's full of good health, fashion and happiness!

I hope that if you took your GCSE's this year that you done well. I hope that you got exactly the grades you wanted/needed - if not; don't lose hope, keep smiling and keep pushing forward to achieve your goals and aspirations. A letter can't determine YOU. Don't give up. NEVER GIVE UP!

*The above image is my own Photography - One of my Final Images.

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  1. Congratulations again! And I agree letters don't define you and people should keep going! Giving up is never an option! :)

    Sonam xox


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