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Sunday 16 August 2015

What have I been up to recently? I've been so missing in action on the whole blogging front and I am so sorry.. so I just thought I'd share with you all a little piece of my life...

Life is super hectic for me at the moment. If you read my blog regularly; you'll know why. I've decided to delete the posts regarding my homelessness as The Perks Of Mollie Quirk is supposed to be a fun filled, exciting and stylish place to visit, so I created 'The Diary of a Homeless Teenager' for those of you that want to follow my homeless journey and understand more about my situation.

Anywayyyy, lets move on to the fun stuff! The stuff that's happier, brighter and much more positive!

So, if you follow me on various social media sites you'll know that I'm a YouTuber (gosh, I hate saying that, it makes me sound so stuck up!) - I make videos for YouTube - (that sounds better) - and I kinda hit 1,000 subscribers the other week, which was and still is so incredible and I can't quite believe it! I held a giveaway which was full of makeup and girly things in general - BUT - don't worry if you didn't get a chance to enter as I will be doing many more. Upcoming giveaways (for the future) include: 100K Blog Views  // 2K YouTube Subscribers // 5K Instagram // 10K Twitter // 5K Facebook // 10K Instagram etc... - I'm sure you get the gist!

I also went to Brighton with my mum, we wanted to take our minds off of the entire situation we're enduring - you should check out my Vlog of our trip! The day wasn't the most fun and we kept getting panicky - (the perks of having anxiety) - but it was a good day all of the same.

I also went to LUSH and picked up £20 worth of fresh goodies which included some of their new Summer exclusives! You should check out my Haul video which includes Demos, Outtakes and Reviews too! I was so astonished when I headed into my local LUSH store to find some of the Oxford Street Exclusives sitting there begging me to purchase them.. so yeah, I kind of gave in and decided to pick up a few bits! The Intergalactic Bath Bomb is incredible, it really is! If you check out my video, don't forget to subscribe!

Where I'm currently situated in Eastbourne is the prime location for Airboure, an annual Air Show on the seafront. So me and my mum headed down to have a little ponder and look at the Red Arrows. Their display was amazing! But like our trip to Brighton, anxiety kicked in a little and we headed home. All of this stress regarding homelessness isn;t good for us. But we did enjoy some of Airborne and today it's still all going on so we might head down their to have a donut or something. I enjoyed taking some pictures of the Red Arrows though! What do you think of my photography?

Speak soon, Have a lovely day,

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