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Friday 5 June 2015

School - I've been there, done it and bought the school uniform, more times than most infact. I am a PRO at all things school. I've been a victim of bullying, I know what peer pressure feels like and I am now stronger than ever.

School is a funny place. You go there to learn but in actual fact learning is the least of your worries. When we go to school we usually worry about friends and socialising more than what we do learning. I was bullied at school, infact I was bullied in 9 schools - yeah I actually moved schools that much. I think bullying however is a strong word.

I find it incredibly easy to make friends (I'm not tooting my own horn or anything) I get told how kind I am and how easy to talk to I am too. Making friends in Primary, Middle and High School wasn't easy though. For some reason girls took an instant dislike to me, I was kicked, tripped up, spat on, my clothes thrown in muddy puddles and mocked.

If I got through school - you can too! 

I have buckets of experience with attending 9 schools around the UK so if you are in need of some tips on how to survive the supposedly best time of your life - keep reading!

  • You'll be out of there in no time! It may seem like a life sentence to you at the moment but seriously, embrace every second, you'll miss it in a few years to come!
  • Be nice to everyone - even the newbies! I've been 'the new girl' plenty of times and it isn't very nice when people ignore you, don't notice you or don't even include you. Please be the one that includes the new girl or boy.
  • Being popular isn't everything. The 'Cool Club' isn't the greatest thing on earth. I remember wanting to be popular and cool so so bad but now when I look at the people who were a part of the 'Cool Club' their futures don't look too bright, so work hard and make sure popularity isn't at the top of your list!
  • Designer labels don't mean a thing until you're older, then you can appreciate them more. I remember wanting the latest trainers from Nike, handbag from River Island or Louis Vuitton or the latest mobile phone but honestly, don't listen to the ones who think they mean everything. A label WILL NOT define you. Wait until you're at least 16/17 so you can appreciate things much more!
  • If you see someone sitting on their own during their breaks - include them! Please include them. I was once that girl sitting in the rain outside eating my sandwiches on the phone to my mum. It was horrible and I would have given anything for just one friend!
  • Peer pressure - don't get pressured into ANYTHING! Peer Pressure is a horrible thing. I remember when my friend started stealing books and food from shops - she didn't know that I knew but I was so worried that she would ask me to help her. I ended up distancing myself from her as I didn't want to feel pressured into anything. If you don't want to smoke or drink alcohol - don't! If you don't want a boyfriend - don't get one! I'm still single - ALL THE SINGLE LADIES, PUT YOUR HANDS UP!
  • If your best friend is annoying you - tell him/her! Don't bottle it all up, just invite her around your house for dinner and explain what he or she has done to annoy you then watch your favourite film and have a giggle!
  • Do ALL of your homework! When I was at school I barely got any homework so I'm sure you don't either - do it the day you get it and hand it in on time!
  • If you or somebody else is being bullied TELL SOMEBODY! Tell either your parents/guardians, a close family member or your favourite teacher. Bullying is a horrible thing to go through and it makes me sad to think that any of you experience this.
  • Don't bully anyone! That girl who doesn't wear the skinny fit trousers - don't mock her. That boy who has longer hair than what is seen as a norm - don't tease him. Be nice to everyone and don't be horrible. Please!?
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  1. I love chatty videos like this.. And I think you gave some great advice and agree wwith all of it! x


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