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Tuesday 26 May 2015

Fashion on a budget.. this outfit for just £14, but how?
eBay is my best friend at the moment. It's easy, quick and you can find some quirky and vintage items on there for a small cost. I still buy brand new clothes every couple of weeks but with eBay you can afford to purchase something everyday if you choose to!

The dress was £6 and the jacket was £8! How fabulous is that?! They are both 'vintage' River Island pieces, both of which I haven't ever seen in store before so it makes it even better! I like standing out from the crowd, looking different and wearing different things so eBay is perfect!

The dress was a tad shorter than what I would usually go for but it was fine to be honest, however, I would never wear anything shorter than this!!

Dress: River Island via eBay
Shoes: River Island
Jacket: River Island via eBay
Necklace: Family Heirloom


  1. This dress looks really cute! I love the pattern :)

    Sarah |

  2. You look fabulous. Love the print!


  3. The dress looks lovely on you!! xo

  4. I really like this dress and the colour of the jacket is gorgeous! Great finds from eBay, I occasionally shop there too! X



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