My life behind the glitter

Friday 22 May 2015

My life looks pretty fabulous doesn't it? London Fashion Week, London shopping trips, thousands of pageviews and followers, hundreds of YouTube subscribers, being sent 'free' gifts and always wearing something different - but don't be fooled by what you see.

Today me and my mum received a letter from our Landlord (we rent our flat) and he wants to sell our home from under our feet. We have 8 weeks to get out and it hit us hard. I'm 17 years old and I have moved house 10 times - this will be the 11th. The majority of the times that we have moved has been our choice - down to me not having many friends at the schools I was at, teenage pregnancy on the rise in our area, crime on the rise or just general wanderlust. Me and my mum have lived in Kent (where I was born), Cornwall, Kent again, Poole in Dorset, Kent again and then Eastbourne. In between these stable homes we have been 'homeless' 3 times. Yep, you heard it right, homeless. I don't mean on the streets or in a hostel but sleeping on the floors of close family such as my nan's and uncle's.

Two years ago we moved to Eastbourne, after being homeless for 5 months and sleeping on my Nan's floor, franticly searching for somewhere to live. We didn't like it in Eastbourne for the first year and a half but then a few weeks ago we decided to stay for the long haul so I can finish college and then I would hopefully commute to Uni or Fashion College in London. Something or someone had a different idea though. Hopefully we'll find somewhere within the 8 weeks, otherwise I might face becoming homeless for the forth time.

My life is far from perfect. My dad upped and left when I was 2 years old, leaving my wonderful mum to bring me up - and if I do say so myself, I think she's done an amazing job. If you think your life is 'hard' because your boyfriend/girlfriend has left you or because you've lost your wallet - think again because I think that all of this is far worse, but then again we're all fighting our own battles.

However, I still paint that smile on my face with my trusty red lippy, wear one of my favourite dresses, sing away my woes and pick up my faithful Louis Vuitton before walking out the door because somebody always has it worse, right? Somebody is always in a worser situation.

Whatever you're going through just smile, that's what I'm attempting to do at the moment. I will still be blogging and YouTubing as much as possible but if I slack at all, I apologise in advance!

Thanks to my friends that have been there for me today, you know who you are and you know who you aren't!


  1. Oh, I know exactly how you feel... In my 24 years I had moved about 15 times in to new cities and even different country, changing in to new language aswell! I know how stressful it can be. Some people might be thinking: 'Oh you just need to pack your bag and leave'. But hell no, it's very emotional and stressful, it can make your life much easier or destroy you completely. I wish I could give you the tightest hug right now, because sometimes it is all you need xx

    Stay strong and keep your crown up high, girl! xx

  2. This post is honest, brave and beautiful. Well done you for owning that life is hard sometimes and hat perfect isn't always as it seems. I wish you every success with finding a home and with doing your course. Xx

    Sarah |


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