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Thursday 14 May 2015

You can still look fashionable when on a tight budget.. behold.. a thrifty fashionistas secret..

As you all know, I love fashion (duh, this is a fashion blog). I love everything about fashion and I wish that I could afford Moschino sweaters, Dolce dresses and Hemes handbags but the truth is - I can't. Sometimes I can't even afford to buy a gorgeous brand new dress. But fear not. I don't just wallow in self pity - Hell no. I 'thrift'. eBay is THE destination for all fashionistas on a budget. You can buy almost anything of eBay and if you delve in deep, you can find some amazing bargains. 

Out of the *25* dresses that I own only two of them are thrifted (second hand). I have accumulated A LOT of dresses over the last couple of years and most of which I paid full price for (ranging from £20 - £55). If I'm being honest, they're my favourite piece of clothing. A dress is a simple, classic staple piece and can be dressed up or down. I feel feminine, classy and comfy when wearing a dress.

The dress that I'm wearing here is a Topshop garment bought via eBay. I paid £9.00 plus £3.70 p+p! How amazing is that? The dress itself is super heavy and has loads of material all gathered up to the empire line. I can imagine that this dress would have retailed at £55+ at Topshop full price. The dress is in good condition and has no defects, which is fabulous for under £10. 

When you buy on eBay make sure you read the description thoroughly, ask questions if you need any further information and study the photographs provided by the seller. Top tip: Bid at the last minute!

eBay is such a gem within the fashion world - especially if you're on a budget or can't afford brand new clothes. I remember being ashamed and embarrassed if my mum wanted to have a browse around a charity shop when I was younger but in all honesty, what's there to be embarrassed about? Second hand clothes are fabulous, even high profiled fashion bloggers such as Lulu Trixibelle and Kayla Hadlington believe in thrifting.

I hope you liked this thrifty article and the photographs too.. feel free to comment below, I love hearing from you all! 


  1. This dress looks lovely! What a great bargain :)

    Sarah |

  2. Such a beauty, gorgeous look! x


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