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Thursday 18 June 2015

Anya Hindmarch's Autumn/Winter 2015 Showcase at London Fashion Week...

Anya Hindmarch, one of my all time favourite designers, showcased her new collection at London Fashion Week in February earlier this year. We've seen Hindmarch's popularity grow over recent months, especially with her Counter Culture showcase which was showcased last February (2014), which saw her iconic designs and collaborations with many brands including Kellogs, showcased up and down a conveyer belt style runway.

This season however, Hindmarch showcased her collection on an all black runway with white stripes which resembled a road/motorway. The models were dressed in boiler suits, fur and hot pants. The boiler suits mainly consisted of block colours and mini road signs too - they had the models initials on the pockets, which I thought was a wonderful touch. The handbags were the main event of course, complete with Hindmarch's iconic tassels and her bold motifs and prints.

The main theme for her AW15 collection was clearly stated - diverted traffic, hence the name of the showcase: Diversion. Her handbags were covered in signs, arrows and phrases such as 'Queues Likely'. This collection was based on roads, roadside cafes, service stations and cars.

This collection, like the majority of Hindmarch's collections, was highly visual and very intriguing. Her collections are always relatable. People can recognise the designs from their day-to-day life and that's what I love most about Anya's ethics, ideas and designs. For example, she incorporated/collaborated with the roadside cafe, The Little Chef, into this collection. She collaborates with well-known brands such as Smiley World, Kellogs and like I mentioned above - Little Chef. This is why fashionistas like Hindmarch's designs - They're fun, relatable, unique and bold.

My personal favourite pieces from this eye-catching collection would be the green/khaki handbag with the word 'GO' situated on the front. The structure of the handbag is quite vintage and the colour is of a neutral tone, so would team with most colours. The handle is also rather intriguing as it mixes jewel like colours with the khaki to create a deep vibe which is perfect for AW15. Imagine it teamed with a suede coat, pencil skirt, blouse and courts - chic, understated with that hint of boldness!

If you want a touch on Hindmarch but can't really splash out on a £1,000 piece, remember that she has recently collaborated with Chaos Fashion to create a range of stickers that can be applied to anything from phone cases to handbags. Anya Hindmarch's Sticker Shop is available online or in one of her stores. The stickers start from around £35.

Anya has triumphed once again and I am sure that this collection will be a big hit!


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