Fashion | Monki X Lynnie Zulu Summer 2015 Collaboration

Friday 26 June 2015

The best possible summer collab.. ever!?

Monki AKA my all time FAVOURITE shop EVER. Funky clothes, a unique grace and amazing summer collaborations. This year they collaborated with the amazingly talented Lynnie Zulu. Lynnie is an uber cool artist from London and her designs are a breath of fresh air in this dull and dreary world. Her designs scream 'summer' and her watermelon illustration has given me something new to obsess over - WATERMELONS! I am literally beyond obsessed with everything and anything watermelon (so if you know of anything with a watermelon print, link it below!).

Anyway, back to the collaboration...

I purchased two pieces from this collection - they were £10 each! What a bargain!? I was simply overwhelmed by the price. I would have easily paid £30 for one as they are Limited Collection, perfect for summer, oversized, funky and amazing quality. One thing you can rely on Monki for is great value for money. I spent around £90 on my three piece for London Fashion Week and it looks as good as new, 5 months later! I've worn it a handful of times and washed it in the washing machine a handful of times too. Everything I buy from Monki lasts for ages, always looks brand new and doesn't 'ping' out of shape.

Lynnie's designs are gorgeous, vibrant and ever so vivid. If you want to grab a piece from this limited collection, be quick as they're running out! Thank you Monki and Lynnie for collaborating - I am so glad that I've been introduced to Lynnie as I adore her designs/artwork! I'm so happy that Lynnie has collaborated with my fave brand.

Check out Lynnie Zulu | Check out Monki

Stay tuned on 'The Perks Of Mollie Quirk' as I will be posting some street style pics of me wearing these gorgeous fruity designs.

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