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Friday 26 June 2015

Matthew Williamson's AW15-16 collection was showcased on Feb 22nd during LFW...

Matthew Williamson is slowly becoming my all time favourite fashion designer. His designs are opulent, mystical and highly intriguing.

His Autumn/Winter 2015-16 collection was showcased in February during London Fashion Week. This collection has to be my favourite from the entire week. He teams opulence with chic yet shabby accents. This collection reminds me a lot of Dolce and Gabbana's AW15 collection. Highly embellished, ditsy, silky and mesmerising.

Williamson's designs are incredibly versatile and everything from this collection could easily be worn throughout the year. Short skirts teamed with silk blouses, suede ankle boots and big shearling jackets contrasted against long flowing chiffon maxi dresses and embellished silk gowns.

Fuchsia, teal, lilac and gold were all prominent throughout this collection. The entire colour palette has a very jewelled vibe - opulent, heady and very deep indeed. I adore the way he clashes prints and patterns to create a boho vibe. I also enjoy the clashing of textures, materials and hues. This collection is incredibly chic and relaxed with rich vibes.

The suede boots teamed with the heavy silk dresses and boiler suits add a touch of bohemian glamour to AW15. Fur is set to be massive again this A/W, so be sure not to throw out any fur jackets that are overtaking space in your closet - you'll need them, trust me!

“The Winter 2015 aesthetic embodies the bohemian Brit girl, just like the many women who first struck my imagination. ”
Matthew Williamson

This collection is brimming with bohemian accents that Kate Moss would fall in love with, I absolutely adore it.

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