Saturday 20 June 2015

Dominic Evans is extremly talented and I am so grateful to have been illustrated by him. Keep on reading to hear more about my illustration and his debut book!

Map My Style is an interactive fashion doodling book by Dominic Evans and in March this year I discovered Dom&Ink (Dominic). It was when one of the bloggers I follow posted an image of his new book on Instagram and I was so intrigued that I headed over to Amazon and just had to purchase it. It came a few days later and I was obsessed!! Think of 'Wreck this journal' but in fashion form.. perfection, right?!

In March I featured MMS in my March Favourites video on my YouTube Channel and Dom saw it and got in touch with me thanking me and asking for my address as he wanted to draw me as a thank you gesture, I was incredibly overwhelmed as no one had ever drawn me before and I admired his work so much that I just had to say yes! I mean, how could ANYONE turn down an illustration of them by the incredible Dom??????

Dom is a highly busy and sought after illustrator so when my illustration came through my letterbox last week I must admit that I squealed a little. I was so so blown away with what he had drawn. Big hair, fierce facial features, killer wedges and a figure that is far better than my own! I wish I could be my illustration, it's just so damn gorgeous! Keep an eye out for this in an upcoming YouTube video over on my channel.

If you haven't got Dom's incredible book already, WHY THE HELL NOT?? Head over to your local Waterstones or Amazon Online and grab yourself a copy of this amazing book that any fashionista should 100% own.

Thank you so much Dom! I LOVE LOVE LOVE my illustration, I can't thank you enough. I think you are so talented and deserve so much more recognition.

Make sure you follow Dom on his social media platforms and check out his blog.

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  1. WELL, that is such a great honour. And it certainly looks AMAZING! You should frame it ❤️
    Bee xxx


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