Wednesday 3 April 2019

The Angels and Ancestors Oracle Deck by Kyle Gray is truly breathtaking. This deck was my very first oracle card deck, and it's probably my absolute favourite to work with. With stunning illustrations, a detailed guide book, and a beautiful box for them to live inside, could this be the oracle deck for you?

I got this stunning oracle deck from my auntie for Christmas. I had wanted them for a few weeks since seeing them in a spiritual magazine that I regularly buy, so as you can imagine, I was so stoked to receive these. My first and favourite oracle cards, the Angels and Ancestors deck by Kyle Gray is perfect for those who are experienced with oracle readings, and perfect for beginners too. This deck is easy to bond with, easy to work with, and easy to interpret too. 

I feel so connected to my deck. I have bonded with my deck so well, and these cards are always my first choice whenever I decide to give myself a reading. There is a bonding ceremony written in the guidebook that comes with the cards – the ceremony isn't as complex as it sounds, it's really just a ritual to help you call upon your angels and ancestors, so that they know you need their guidance, and so that they can connect with your cards too.

I'm nowhere near as educated on guardian angels and ancestors as much as I would like to be, but these cards are aiding me in me educating myself on these subjects. 

I find this deck incredibly accurate, enlightening, and eye-opening. A lot of the time I find the deck calling things out and brining things to my attention that were already there, but I was just too naive to see. 

Not only do the cards work incredibly well and accurately, but they are illustrated beautifully too (by Lily Moses). Stunning illustrations adorn each card – the illustrations are captivating, and they draw me in every time I look at them. I definitely connect with certain cards more, and some even come up repeatedly, which shows they work accurately. The cards are so beautiful, and the quality of them is beautiful too – a gorgeous thick card, which has a matte finish (perfect for photographing). I do find them a little hard to shuffle, but they probably will become easier with use (and once the cards have aged a little). 

If you're looking for a new oracle deck (or maybe even a first deck) this deck is definitely a contender for you. Only ever buy an oracle deck if you feel connected to it upon first sight – for me, I knew I wanted/needed this deck as soon as I saw it in the spiritual magazine.. I was drawn to it, it spoke to me, and I just knew it was the deck for me. If you feel the same with this or any other deck – go for it, no questions asked. 

Do you work with oracle cards, or any other form of divination? Let me know below!

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