Thursday 18 April 2019

[This post contains a gifted blouse from Lovedrobe, and gifted sunglasses from Sunglasses Shop]

I like to think of myself as classy, and I like to think of my style as timeless.. for the most part anyway. I know my style is a mish-mash of a multitude of different trends, but that's what I love about it. One day I can be Chanel-esque, and the next I can be boho-chic – but this is what I believe makes my style somewhat timeless.

"Fashion goes round in circles" my mum has said to me since I was tiny. When I was in my mid teens, I was obsessed with tie-dyed clothing, and my mum would say how when she was my age it was on-trend. And she would say how fashion is just one big circle, and everything will be 'in' again at some point in the future. And how right was she! Tie-dye is back 'in' AGAIN! So this just proves that we shouldn't dismiss a style entirely just because it was in last month, but this month it's all about polka dots.

The above statement from my mum is what I base my wardrobe around.. this is why I purchase investment pieces.

Investment pieces are vital for your own identity. That bag that your auntie uses on special occasions, that dress your nan always puts on for family get-togethers, or that silk scarf that your mum always sports when you head out for dinner. Investment pieces are statements.

Investment pieces don't have to be expensive statements, although they still can be if you want! For me, an investment piece can be anything from a leopard print dress you adore and know you'll wear a lot and probably keep for when the trend circles back around, or a designer handbag that will team with almost all of the outfits hanging in your closet.

Here's my favourite tips to transform your style into something timeless...

Be sure you'll wear it... at least once a month (depending on the season)

When you're selecting items to transform your style into something timeless, be sure to KNOW that you'll wear it at least once a month. When buying a dress for the summer, I will know roughly in my head how many times I'll probably wear it that summer – if it's less than four times, then it's a big no-no from me, but if it's four to six times, then I'll swoop it up in an instant. 

Buy it because you really love it

I only ever buy something because I really really love it. Unless my heart stops, and I grab it, and then run to the checkout, then I don't want it. I need to know deep down in my heart that I LOVE something before buying it. In the past I've not been as savvy, buying things that won't serve me well, and things that I don't love love love – but now I only ever buy things I know that I adore.

Be true to you, and your style

What's the point of dressing like somebody else? What's the point of dressing in clothes you don't like? What's the point of investing in clothes you don't like? You NEED to be true to you and your style when buying timeless investment pieces. Don't buy something just because you want to be more popular, and don't buy/wear something just so you get more likes on Instagram – this isn't ethical, nor is it timeless. Buy and wear things you adore, and that are in-keeping with you and your style.

Steal Mollie's Style

I was kindly gifted the blouse and sunglasses featured in this post, but I chose them myself, and I chose them because I adore them. These two pieces are timeless, classic, and in-keeping with my personal style.

The beautiful blouse is from Lovedrobe. It's the KOKO Sheer Spot Ruffle Neck blouse, and it's stunning, and not to mention super chic!

The sunglasses are from, and they are by the eyewear brand, Vogue. They are the Vogue 2871s in Tortoiseshell. Use code MOLLIE20 for 20% off (not affiliated, I do not get commission).

I'm also sporting my gorgeous Lulu Guinness Paula Handbag. I've had this for a few years now, I got it as a gift for my eighteenth birthday, and it's probably my favourite accessory because it's so classy, timeless, and retro-looking!

I teamed all of this with some simple black trousers, black ankle boots, and a long string of
pearls.. super chic, huh?

Do you think your style is timeless? How would you describe your style? Let me know below!


  1. Such great tips! I love buying investment pieces!!

    Effortlessly Sophisticated

  2. I love your style so much! I dress like a toddler, bright colours, leggings and pinafores lol

    Erin || MakeErinOver

    1. Oh babe! Thank you so so much!! I honestly LOVE your style.. it's so unique, and so YOU! I love it xxx

  3. Aw gorgeous outfit Mollie, your style is always so classy! The perfect blend of chic and eclectic, I really love that blouse, it's gorgeous :D hope you had a wonderful Easter weekend! xx

    elizabeth ♡ ”Ice Cream” whispers Clara

  4. This is such a good read dear. Love the look you have here. Pretty pop of red from your lips and nails too!
    Jessica |


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