Friday 12 April 2019

[This post contains a gifted blouse, and a gifted pair of sandals]

Being happy – it can be harder than you think... especially when you're a worrier! But over the past year and a bit, I've been changing my mindset. Sometimes things get a bit murky and harder to control, but most of the time I'm happier than ever before. Here's the steps I'm taking to be a happier, more positive person!

I've always worried, but since reaching around eighteen, my worrying got a little bit out of control. I do have it under control and have done for the past few years, but if I'm being 100% honest with both myself and with you guys, then sometimes it can get a little bit too much.

I tend to overthink a lot, and usually my overthinking and worrying comes from a place of fear of the unknown, and mostly this is health-related. I have a post on Hyperchondria coming soon and how it effects me, be sure to keep an eye out!

Moving your mind and worries away from 'fear' is difficult to say the least. But I have found a few ways that aid happiness, positivity, and more worry-free moments!

Count your blessings

I find that counting your blessings, and listing things that you're grateful for, to be a really great way of pushing out negative thoughts. I *try* to write in a gratitude journal once a day (okay, I usually manage two or three times a week). 

Listen to uplifting music

I'm trying to listen to more upbeat music. Naturally I'm a sad love song kinda girl, but I've been trying to listen to music that lifts my spirits instead of songs that leave me feeling all "woe is me".

Watch films that don't dwell on negativity

Watch films that make you laugh and cry happy tears! Don't watch films and TV shows that make you feel like crying a river. You want to raise you vibration, not let it fall down to the ground! I'm loving comedies like "I Feel Pretty" and TV shows like "Bates Motel", "Orphan Black", and "Stranger Things".

Occupy your mind

I find that writing for my blog, or focusing on something that's important to me (more important than the worries that are spiralling around in my head) really helps. Paint, draw, write a story, create a blog, edit some photos, finish off some uni work, or read a good book (again, that doesn't have a main focus on negativity).

Take a retail therapy trip

Shopping ALWAAAAYS helps me take my mind off of things. Buying a new pair of shoes, a new notebook, or even a house plant or bunch of flowers. Buy something that brings you JOY!

Cuddle your cat

I love cuddling my cat, Carnaby, even though he may not be overly keen on my swooping him up and wrapping him up in a blanket so I can cradle him like a new born fur-baby...


I find clearing your mind and meditating to be a really simple, easy, and effective way of clearing out negative thoughts. Empty your mind, imagine a white light entering you from the crown of your head (or through your third eye), and just be. Be still, be at one, be calm, and be emptied of all negative thoughts.

Gain reassurance from divination

If you've got negative thoughts in your mind that you KNOW aren't real/true, then use divination as a confirmation that they are not. A pendulum can give you yes/no/maybe answers, whereas oracle and tarot decks can offer a glimpse into the past/present/future.

Steal Mollie's Style

I adore this outfit as it's super chic, and perfect for springtime. You know.. when it's not warm enough to go out without a coat, but you don't want to be wearing a wooly jumper?

I adore pairing chic blouses with jeans, sandals, and a coat that is worn on the shoulders.

Wearing a coat draped over the shoulders is a quick and easy way to take an outfit from cute to classy!

The blouse I'm wearing was gifted to me by Shein, the product code is 679757 and you can get 15% discount with the code quirk15.

The sandals I'm wearing are from CUCU Fashion – a beautiful fashion house that specialises in beautiful footwear! I was gifted these sandals too. They are the Nerva Silver Bow Flat Sandals, and they retail at £20. I adore them, they are so pretty, so comfy, and so versatile! I can't wait to style them up more as the weather warms up a little.
I hope this post has given you some hope for happiness. Take a bubble bath, read a good book, eat your favourite meal, and try to take your mind off of any worries you might be dealing with and battling with. You've got this babe!!



  1. Ah, when you crack the code for stopping overthinking... let me know, haha! Good luck with your journey babe; I love these photos of you by the way :) x


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