Monday 15 April 2019

[This post contains a gifted dress from Junarose]

I can remember being around seven years old, and Gok's Fashion Fix was on the television. It was my favourite TV show EVER. I had this powder pink journal from the Covent Garden Ballet, and I used it as my fashion notebook. Whenever Gok's Fashion Fix would come on the TV, I remember running into my bedroom, gathering my fashion notebook and a pen, and running back into the living room at the speed of light. I'd sit down, and take notes on everything he would say... and that's when my obsession for fashion manifested...

From Gok's Fashion Fix when I was just a small girl, to now having run this blog for almost six years – my passion for fashion is ever-growing and non-stop. I'm definitely destined for the fashion industry, and here's why...

I appreciate fashion, but I don't follow it down to every teeny, tiny detail. I like to be different, so I incorporate the big trends with my own personal style.

I challenge the fashion industry. It's all too easy to take everything at face value, believe it, and worship it. It's all too easy to praise each and every trend and change that the high end brands (or high street brands) make. And it's all to easy to just accept things to keep the brands happy.

I live and breathe fashion. Every waking moment of mine is spent dreaming about fashion. I adore it. If I'm not writing about fashion, I'm wearing it, I'm posting about it on Instagram, or I'm styling an outfit or five.

I don't take fashion too seriously. Fashion is all about expression. I like to express myself through the clothes I wear, which is why I always tend to opt for bright colours, bold prints, and classic accessories. Nothing makes me happier than a classic ensemble with a few fun elements – a bright lip, a fun print, edgy shoes, and big shades!

I've got a thick skin. I've had to deal with shit in my life, which is why I'm the perfect candidate to work in the realms of the fashion industry. Although I can be sensitive, and although I can be emotional – I'm tough, I'm driven, and I won't let anybody walk all over me. 

I'm not the fashion industry's usual candidate. I'm curvy, I'm chubby, I have rolls, I have a big bum, and I DON'T CARE. I have spent far too much of my life worrying about the cellulite on my thighs and the roundness of my bum, which is why I now promote a positive body image. When I work in the realms of the fashion industry, I'll be breaking down walls to make it more inclusive. 

I've got relevant experience. I've been doing this for almost six years – styling outfits, analysing catwalks, writing articles, and using my initiative. I've also got qualifications in creative media, and I'm studying a journalism degree. Not only this, but I have been the editor of my college magazine, as well as being published by multiple online and print publications. what more could the fashion industry want in a future fashion editor? 

I don't take no for an answer. I'm determined, and I won't be told that I won't achieve my dreams. I WILL NOT accept that there's any chance of me not being the editor of a big-time fashion magazine. Why? Well, because I believe deep down in my heart and soul that I will be doing my dream job one day. 

Outfit details

I was kindly gifted the beautiful dress from Junarose. The Flower Printed Dress by Junarose is probably my favourite dress in existence – it fits beautifully, and flatters my figure so much. Perfect for any season, the multiple colours featured on this dress mean that the dress is highly versatile and can be worn with bare legs, nude tights, black tights or red tights.. the possibilities are endless.

My bag is from Lulu Guinness, and my shoes are from River Island. 

Do you have something that you feel as though you're destined for/to do? Let me know in the comments below!


  1. So cool with the floral dress!
    xx from Bavaria/Germany, Rena

  2. Replies
    1. Oh Jennifer, that means SO much to me! Thank you!!! xxx

  3. Loving the floral dress on you!
    xx- Nina


  4. You definitey are! :) Love your style and this dress looks amazing on you, really digging the acccessories you picked, too, especially the earrings.

    Paula | Thirteen Thoughts

    1. Oh wow! Thank you SO SO much, Paula! I adore your blog SO much xxxx

  5. Such a beautiful dress, and I love these photos xx

    Gemma • GemmaEtc.com ❤️


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