Exploring London: The Best Way To See All Of The Christmas Lights In The City

Tuesday 6 December 2022

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Last Christmas – no I'm not going to burst out into song – I went on Golden Tours' Christmas Light Tour around London and had the best time. And this year I was invited for a trip around the city to experience it all over again, but on a different and even more Christmassy route. And boy oh boy was it incredible...

Despite getting gifted tickets this year, last year I went on the same trip and paid for myself and my mum - and honestly it was worth every penny. For under £30 per person you get to sit atop the open top bus and tour the city of London with a knowledgeable tour guide for around 90 minutes, while looking at all of the magical Christmas lights.

So... on Monday (December 5) I spent the day getting ready and making sure the flat was all tidy because I knew I'd be getting home late. I then had a bath and put on a warm yet stylish outfit that would keep me extra warm and super cosy for the 90-minute tour I was embarking on at 5pm. 

I wore a blank a-line miniskirt with black tights and black sequinned UGG boots, a DKNY jumper and a cosy black teddy coat. I also kept my face mask on for the majority of the journey (bar a few snaps) - mainly because of coronavirus and partly because I wanted a warm face.

Arriving at the meeting point for the tour - after getting the tube from where I live in South West London and getting off at Embankment - it was just as easy as last year - right by the London Eye on Belvedere Road at the tourist bus stop. It was then time to show my ticket and make my way up to the open top deck. Positioned in the same spot as last year in the corner, I was primed and ready to experience a super magical trip once again. 

It was so magical to see iconic landmarks and locations come to life with thousands of sparkling lights and sensational Christmas displays.

First we went around Strand and got to see the dreamy theatre fronts and stunning Westbank Christmas lights before winding around Trafalgar Square and heading towards Green Park. Passing The Ritz Hotel and The Hard Rock Cafe, it was then up Park Lane and along the edge of Hyde Park.

Getting a glimpse of Winter Wonderland felt magical - especially because I plan to go for the first time this year. Passing Marble Arch and learning about the history of London along the way, it was then time for us to float down one of the busiest shopping streets in Europe. 

Finally making it onto Oxford Street we marvelled at the 5,000 dangling sustainable stars that hung from the sky and floated above our heads as we went down the long road. Passing Selfridges and seeing all of the beautiful shop fronts, it was the only time I've been glad to hit traffic in London. Looking right it was easy to spot the dreamy Bond Street lights and huge blue arches on Molton Street. 

Reaching Oxford Circus, we then turned onto Regent Street to admire the world-famous shops and the iconic glittering angels hanging from the sky - a real magical moment being so close to them. I was totally enamoured by the way in which the sky was alight with glittery gold thanks to the angels draping down the winding road. 

Seeing Liberty London on our left before Carnaby Street down the next slip road, it was then time to admire the Coach shop front as well as Hamleys and all of the other festive window displays.

Stopping for a quick photoshoot, my mum snapped away as I glanced up at the angels for the perfect candid photo opportunity - so far removed from standing on the ground surrounded by people.

Then it was down to Piccadilly Circus and the iconic Christmas tree sparkling in Trafalgar Square. Then onto Southbank with its glittering Christmas market and magical fairy lights as we all soaked in the sights of the world-famous London Eye before ending our tour and disembarking the bus. 

Popping along to the Southbank Christmas Market after the bus tour, I paid £1 to use the Jubiloo (public toilets by the carousel), and then shared a serving of cinnamon churros with my mum for £6.50 before walking across the Golden Jubilee bridge and making our way back to Embankment tube station. We were considering the UberBoat (Thames Clipper) back to Putney, but settled on the tube and made it home within 30 minutes. 

The entire evening was full of magic and wonder, and with Golden Tours' incredible Christmas lights Tour around the city, you really do get to see a completely different side to London during December. 

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