CHRISTMAS GIFTING: L'Occitane Festive Gifting - Advent Calendar and Dreamy Gift Sets

Sunday 11 December 2022

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Each year I get excited to see what the beauty brands will do for Christmas. From lavish gift sets to increasingly opulent advent calendars, it's always hugely exciting to see what they'll have on offer for the festive season. And L'Occitane is one of those brands I just adore... and that always pulls it out of the bag come Christmastime.

I've been a huge lover of L'Occitane for years, and continue to marvel at their amazing products throughout the year - but there's just something about their curated Christmas gifts that leaves me completely enamoured. Beautiful packing paired with lavish gifts, everything this French luxury retailer produces and offers is truly something to behold... and there's no better time than Christmas.

From seasonal fragrances to luxury skincare and opulent collections, scroll on to discover my favourite sets and gifts from L'Occitane's Christmas offerings. Perfect for gifting loved ones or treating number one... anybody would love a little bit of L'Occi to open and indulge in on December 25.

Shea Green Chestnut Gift Set
£29.50 worth £33 | Shop here
This holiday season discover the fresh and woody scent of L'Occitane's all new Shea Green Shea Green Chestnut. This invigorating scent is highlighted by green leaves accents wrapped in woody chestnut and vanilla notes, which will be sure to liven up your bath and body ritual this winter.

The perfect gift to treat a loved one to this Christmas, or to simply get for yourself – for just £29.50 you get four delectable items contained in the sweetest gift box, which includes:
• 250ml Shea Green Chestnut Shower Cream
• 50g Shea Green Chestnut Scented Soap
• 30ml Shea Green Chestnut Hand Cream
• 18g Shea Green Chestnut Bath Cube
• in a L’OCCITANE signature gift box

Luxury Beauty Advent Calendar
£99 worth £132 | Shop here
Containing 24 of the iconic brand's best-selling luxury skincare, fragrance and body-care treats, this is the ideal indulgent countdown to Christmas. But not only does this advent calendar serve as a countdown, but it makes the perfect lavish gift for the big day too. Ideal for gifting, this full-to-the-brim box of magic has a treat in every drawer that will reveal a special body, hair or skincare treat

The Luxury Beauty Advent Calendar is exclusive to L'Occitane's Official Website and Boutiques, and is strictly limited stock.

The Luxury Beauty Advent Calendar 2022 contains:
• 60g Gentle & Balance Solid Shampoo
• 50ml Shea Ultra Rich Body Cream
• 10ml Immortelle Precious Emulsion
• 30ml Oil-To-Milk Facial Make-up Remover
• 10ml Verbena Eau de Toilette
• 10ml Almond Delicious Hands
• 35ml Cherry Blossom Shimmering Body Lotion
• 15ml Relaxing Pillow Mist
• 35ml Repairing Shampoo
• 35ml Shea Shower Oil
• 30ml Cherry Blossom Hand Cream
• 7ml Néroli & Orchidée Eau de Toilette
• A Wooden Comb
• 50ml Almond Shower Oil
• 15g Almond Crunchy Muesli Scrub
• 35ml Gentle & Balance Micellar Shampoo
• 4ml Divine Cream
• 30ml Shea Butter Hand Cream
• 35ml Repairing Conditioner
• 25g Shea Milk Extra Gentle Soap
• 35ml Cherry Blossom Shower Gel
• 5ml Overnight Reset Serum
• 50ml Almond Milk Concentrate
• 5ml Shea Light Comforting Cream

Anti-Ageing Face Care Routine
£95 worth £119.50 | Shop here
An anti-ageing routine to reveal firmer, smoother and younger-looking skin, complete with the sought after, award-winning and best-selling Divine face care collection from L'Occitane. With its powerful anti-ageing formulas, this trio of skincare must-haves will restore, regenerate and reveal younger-looking skin that glows with vitality.

I've been using L'Occitane skincare for a few years now, and started doing so in my early twenties. I can confirm that their products truly work and achieve results. 

This skincare must-have routine includes:
• 200ml Oil-To-Milk Facial Make-up Remover
A pH friendly make-up remover which leaves skin feeling cleansed, smoother, energised and purified from daily urban grime
• 200ml Immortelle Precious Essential Water
An alcohol-free toner that removes traces of make-up and helps to soothe skin thanks to its fresh and enveloping texture.
• 50ml Immortelle Divine Cream
A divine cream that brings supreme nutrition to the skin and fights all the signs of ageing, so you can face up to the passing of time with absolute serenity.
• in a L'OCCITANE's signature gift box

Festive Crackers Collection
£22.50 worth £25 | Shop here
The festive season is a time for celebration, and now L'Occitane have recaptured the pleasures of childhood with some beautifully festive and nostalgic crackers, each one filled with lavish skincare products that either soften or smooth. With four different coloured crackers, each sweet package contains a generous surprise of two mini L'Occitane favourites. From shower gels to oils, hand creams and more – these crackers are perfect as table favours, for stocking fillers, to gift during secret Santa, or to adorn your tree.

This Christmas must-have includes:
Orange Cracker
• 35ml Cherry Blossom Shower Gel
• 10ml Cherry Blossom Hand Cream
Burgundy Cracker
• 35ml Shea Shower Oil
• 10ml Shea Butter Hand Cream
Yellow Cracker
• 35ml Almond Shower Oil
• 10ml Almond Delicious Hands
Green Cracker
• 30ml Verbena Shower Gel
• 10ml Verbena Hand Cream

Whether you're looking for a last minute Christmas gift or a cheeky treat for yourself, I highly recommend L'Occitane and the above offerings. My personal favourite picks from the above are the Christmas crackers and luxury skincare trio - but honestly, anything from the above would be a welcome sight beneath any Christmas tree in any household this December.

Not only can you trust L'Occitane for their high-quality skincare and beauty products, but each year their packaging really shines. This year they've gone for reds, yellows and greens with sweet and festive illustrations adorning the gift boxes and bags. 

Which product or set from the above would you want to find beneath your tree on Christmas morning? Let me know in the comments section below!

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