CHRISTMAS GIFTING: LUSH Snow Fairy Collection and The Art Of Bathing Gift Set

Wednesday 7 December 2022

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*Mariah Carey voice* It's tiiiiiiiiiiiime! Christmas is OFFICIALLY here and so are the wonderful annual offerings from LUSH. Every year I get SO excited when LUSH launch their Christmas collection... that sweet, sweet Snow Fairy scent to the array of seasonal bath bombs and bubble bars... ahhhhh, I just can't get enough.

Once again, LUSH have done it again with their spectacular onslaught of must-haves. So, if you're looking for some last-minute gift ideas, something to add to your wish-list, or perhaps a treat for yourself – keep scrolling to discover my personal favourites.

Snow Fairy Shower Gel
From £6 | Shop here
The most incredible fragrance of cotton candy and vanilla, Snow Fairy is an iconic scent that we all know and love. The shower gel makes the perfect gift for any Snow Fairy lover, and from £6 - it's a no-brainer. Although the huge 1kg bottle might be an even more welcome sight on the big day, so why not treat them?

Snow Fairy Body Spray
RRP £25 | Shop here
If you can't get enough of the Snow Fairy fragrance, then you might want to invest in this dreamy body spray. A whopping 200ml of potent fragrance that will tantalise your tastebuds and leave you feeling all content, the Snow Fairy spray makes a perfect gift for you or a loved one this festive season.

Show Fairy 4-Wick Candle
RRP £35 | Shop here
I never thought I'd see the day that LUSH did candles, but they launched them earlier this year and I've been obsessed ever since. It never even crossed my mind that they might do a Snow Fairy scented candle, so when I saw this on the LUSH website - it's safe to say I was completely stunned. Available as a mini or a huge 4-wick candle, this candle has a huge throw of fragrance and leaves my flat smelling like a complete winter wonderland. But although festive, it's very addictive, and oh how I wish this fragrance was a permanent all-year-round scent.

The Big Snow Fairy Roll
RRP £20 | Shop here
First of all it was a small Snow Fairy Roll and then along came the Big version (see above). Perfect for any lover of the iconic LUSH Christmas fragrance, this humungous bubble bar might seem like it has a hefty price-tag, but it's actually rather modest when you think about it. If you cut it up into small chunks, you can easily get 20-30 baths out of this! 

The Art Of Bathing
RRP £85 | Shop here
This handmade gift is perfect for the expressive bath art lover in your life. Something for every mood to create a masterpiece in their tub. If you have an avid bather in your life and you're looking to treat them to a lavish gift, the Art Of Bathing is just the present. With fifteen incredible products, you get a vast array of bath bombs and bubble bars that can be used throughout the year and have no seasonal restrictions. 

The Art Of Bathing contains these 15 dreamy items:
  • Dragon's Egg Bath Bomb
  • Avobath Bath Bomb
  • The Mini Comforter Bubble Bar
  • Intergalactic Bath Bomb
  • Unicorn Horn Bubble Bar
  • Groovy Kind Of Love Bath Bomb
  • Peach Crumble Bubbleroon
  • Twilight Bath Bomb
  • Creamy Candy Bubble Bar
  • Mini Brightside Bubble Bar
  • Sleepy Bubble Bar
  • Mermaid Tail Bubble Bar
  • Deep Sleep Bath Bomb 
  • Sex Bomb Bath Bomb 
  • Butterball Bath Bomb

Year in, year out - LUSH never fail to impress me, and this Christmas is no different. The perfect offering with an equal mix of festive and everyday, it's just up to you to pick out what suits you or your recipient most.

Which product would you want the most from above? Let me know in the comments below....

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  1. I love Snow Fairy, the shower gel is an essential on my Christmas list every year. It's just so good, and I love that they're making candles now too. The big snow fairy roll looks huge!! You'd definitely get a lot of baths out of that. Great post xx

    Hannah |


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