Friday 29 November 2019

[Wrap dress gifted to me from Junarose]

When you're chubby/fat/curvy, whatever you want to call it – being classy isn't a norm. People presume that being chubby means you can't be classy.. but I want to change this.

I like to think of myself as quite classy and chic, but I'm also chubby – that means I'm automatically not classy, right? WRONG! 

Just because I'm a size 16 doesn't mean that I can't be classy. Bigger girls are automatically, subliminally told that they can't be classy. You never see a chubby girl looking chic in movies or on TV shows, you never read about chic and classy chubby girls in magazines – we are basically existent according to the media. In the media, chubby girls are portrayed as edgy or scruffy, alternative or plain – but never are they portrayed as classy or fashionable. 

Class is an attitude, a style and a way of life. Being classy doesn't have any requirements based upon size or shape however. You can be a size 6 and be extremely classy, you could also be a size 22 and be classy as well – there isn't a single requirement based upon the size of clothing you wear.

No matter what your size, you ARE able to ooze class. It's just a case of picking the correct garments – garments that fit you perfectly, garments that are clean-cut, and garments that are the epitome of elegance.

My top ten classy garments for curvy-figured girls:

- A good pair of smart trousers. I recently discovered the Mia trousers from M&S. I tried them on in-store and instantly fell in love with them, so much so that I splurged £75 on two pairs. They're extremely comfy, ever-so-elegant and so versatile too. They look great with fitted t-shirts, floaty blouses, fine knit jumpers or smart shirts – they hug my figure, stay up all day and look so classic!

- A few pairs of flat shoes. As nice as heels look, they're not always the most comfortable choice of footwear. I am personally a flat kinda girl. I think flat shoes can look very smart, especially loafers, ballet pumps and chelsea boots – these three types of foot wear are essential to my everyday wardrobe.

- A few pairs of heels. Although I'm a massive fan of flat shoes, any girl aspiring to ooze class must own at least one pair of kitten heels and a pair of courts. Kitten heels are chic and smart, while courts go with everything, provide comfort and look very classic.

- A trench coat (or four). I love trench coats... in fact I own four! I feel that a trench goes with almost anything. Throw one on over trousers and a blouse, a skirt and a top, or even leggings and a shirt!

- Mini skirts. I love mini skirts as they are the perfect 'throw on and look classy' garment. I get mine from M&S in a size 16 in the 'long' length option. They're so comfortable and they are SO easy to style. Throw one on with a jumper, long sleeved t-shirt, blouse, roll neck or shirt and you're good to go. Add a trench, a cute bag and some courts and you're ready to face the day!

- Tights in abundance. Black tights in 120 denier, nude tights in 30 denier and mustard tights in cable-knit – tights complete an outfit while giving it a little bit of an edge. Only wear black tights from September – April... if you can!

- A designer/chic bag. I know that designer bags aren't accessible for everyone and I know that I am incredibly lucky to own a couple, but they really are a classic statement of being classy. If designer isn't within reach there's plenty of chic bags available on the high street. I am a massive fan of the high street and I own many high street handbags. Primark, Dune, River Island, H&M, Topshop and New Look all stock some gorgeous bags.. plus there's always second-hand for great designer vintage steals! I tend to opt for bags that have very little branding when I purchase bags from the high street, as I feel sometimes the high street branding can look a little cheap. I opt for plain bags from the high street and highly branded when shopping designer.

- The perfect LBD. A little black dress is such a staple.. and the perfect LBD is simply a must-have! I discovered my perfect LBD around a year ago and I'm urging all of you to find your perfect LBD too! Whether it's tight fitting, figure hugging, a smock style, a midi, a maxi or a mini – an LBD is a staple!

- A selection of dresses. I adore dresses. A good dress can take you so far! My favourite place to purchase curvy dresses is Junarose, in fact the dress featured in this post is from them. But seriously, dresses can elevate your style and they're SO easy to wear too!

- Silk scarves. The ultimate classic accessory. Whether you wear silk scarves in your hair, tied to your handbag, around your neck, around your head or as a belt, the classic silk/faux silk scarf elevates any outfit. Adding a silk scarf can take your outfit from a 6 to a solid 10! Add a touch of opulence and class with one simple accessory!

I strive to prove to the world that curvy CAN = classy. I really hope that this has inspired you to rock your curves in the classiest of outfits!

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