Saturday 23 November 2019

[Contents of blog post was gifted to me by LUSH]

Christmas is just around the corner and it's time to treat our loved ones (and of course, ourselves)! What better way to treat somebody than to a luxurious bathing experience? In my eyes, it's one of the best and most opulent gifts you could possibly receive...

Every year, LUSH produce and stock the most delightful Christmas treats. From bath bombs to shower gels, gift sets to sprays, bubble bars to lip scrubs and soaps to massage bars – there's something for everybody.. no matter if they bathe, shower, wash, splash or cleanse.

There are 4 go-to presents that I recommend to anybody looking to buy for a loved one. Each of these stunning delights would make the most amazing gift...

Christmas Bathing Favourites

RRP: £53 | [gifted]
Full to the brim with beautiful bath bombs, this incredible box of treats will tantalise anybody's tastebuds! Containing 9 fabulous items, LUSH's Christmas Bathing Favourites contains: Shoot For The Stars (orange, bergamot, coconut and almond), The World's Smallest Disco (ylang ylang and citrus, with popping candy and lots of bright colours), Santa's Grotto (ylang ylang and popping candy), Snow Fairy (candyfloss and bubblegum with added glitter), Not So Secret Santa (refreshing lemon), Snowman Dreaming (lavender and cedarwood), Chris The Camel (clove, black pepper and date), Rudolph (cocoa butter and rose oil) and Fireball (popping candy, cinnamon and almond). With 9 incredible items, how can anybody NOT love this amazing box of goodies? Perfect for gifting (or perfect for keeping all to yourself, after all, it is Christmas). 

Snow Fairy Shower Gel 1kg

RRP: £28 | [gifted]
Most people adore the scent of Snow Fairy – in fact, I don't think I've ever met a person who doesn't love it. Snow Fairy makes THE perfect gift to anyone and everyone that loves sweet and sugary scents. Why not treat somebody to the super deluxe 1kg bottle of this almost delectable shower gel? Although £28 may seem a little steep for a shower gel, it is in fact super long-lasting and should last you (or the person you're buying for) upwards of 4–6 months (if not longer). 

Snow Fairy Body Spray

RRP: £20 | [gifted]
The Snow Fairy Body Spray is honestly too good to be true! If you adore (or you're buying for somebody who adores) Snow Fairy, then they will definitely LOVE the body spray! If your loved one adores Snow Fairy, why not put them a little Snow Fairy hamper together? Simply grab a LUSH Knot Wrap (maybe this Snow Fairy themed one would be perfect?) and then use it to wrap up a few Snow Fairy goodies? Maybe this Snow Fairy Body Mist along with the Snow Fairy Amazeball Bath Bomb and a small Snow Fairy Shower Gel? 

Yog Nog Body Spray

RRP: £20 | [gifted]
Maybe Snow Fairy isn't suited to your loved one? Maybe they prefer warmer, spicier and more creamy scents, that still have a sugary edge? If so, then the Yog Nog collection might be a match made in heaven for them! Packed with the scents of ylang ylang and clove, this buttery smooth scent resembles butterscotch, biscuits and all things delicious. With spicy aromatic notes, this incredibly delectable (but must not be consumed) body spray makes a true treat for anyone this Christmas!

The entire LUSH Christmas collection is a dream... most people will have LUSH on their Christmas wish lists, and I definitely think that these four different items would work amazingly well as a Christmas gift for a loved one.

What would you most like to receive for Christmas out of the above? Let me know below!


  1. Is it even Christmas without Snow Fairy tho?? Love this girl!

    Lucy |

  2. Ahhh my word, I want to try everything!! Everything looks amazing, I so wish I had a bath so I could try out all the lovely bath bombs, especially the Fireball cinnamon one :D I absolutely love Lush cinnamon products, I may just have to hunt out a bath so I can take one xD gorgeous review Mollie! xx

    elizabeth ♡ ”Ice Cream” whispers Clara


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