Friday 15 November 2019

[Dress and coat gifted to me by SHEIN]

I've been a Wiccan witch for over a year now but the thing is.. I'm not overly witchy. I feel this has caused me to be more prone to judgment within witchy circles and I feel that other people think I don't deserve a 'witchy' title or status.

My style is very broad – I wear whatever I want depending on how I feel. I mainly wear classy/classic clothes that are perceived as feminine. I don't think this sits well with other witchy girls, especially when I, a girl in a pink floral dress, goes around calling herself a witch. I get it, I totally get why they might think that I'm a fraud.. but I'm not.

Clothing doesn't have anything to do with religion.

The way I dress has nothing to do with my religion. Wicca is my religion – it's something I believe deeply in. I worship the moon, I work with divination, I cast spells, I meditate and use crystal healing and most of all I love my faith. Wicca is a massive part of me and I couldn't imagine my life without it.

Just because I'm a Wiccan witch doesn't mean I have to dress in a witchy way. Sometimes I might wear a darker shade of red lipstick than usual and sometimes I might go through phases of wearing all black most of the time – but I don't believe I should be judged for my dress sense nor my religion. No-one should ever be judged for either of those things.

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I'm wearing the beautiful Plus V Neck Appliques Flounce Sleeve A-line Dress with the Plus Lapel Collar Belted Longline PU Coat – both garments are from SHEIN. Use code quirkQ2 for 15% off on SHEIN UK. (Links and codes are not affiliated). 

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