Sunday 21 July 2019

[This post contains gifted items from Sanoflore, Pixi, L'Occitane, and The Body Shop. All opinions are mine, and I was under no obligation to review them]

I have always adored the scent of rose.. it's heady, floral, sweet, and musky. Rose is an elegant fragrance that is undeniably feminine, it's perfect for spring, and it's perfect for anybody of any age. Timeless, classic, and the perfect ingredient for both fragrances and skincare products too. Rose is my current favourite ingredient for all kinds of beauty products, and today I'll be sharing some of my favourites.

The new rose fragrance collection from L'Occitane is utterly stunning. The collection comprises of a rose scented EDT and three different rose fragranced waters. The vision that L'Occitane have, is that you start with the EDT as a base, before choosing one of the fragranced waters to layer - this creates a unique, personalised fragrance that suits your mood and personality. I was kindly gifted the Rose eau de toilette, alongside the Burst Of Cheerfulness Rose Fragranced Water - perfectly paired, this duo is divine. Sensual, light, feminine and so perfect for spring. I love wearing them both alone equally as much as I like to team them together.

Another collection I've been loving is Sanoflore's new Rosa Angelica skincare trio. Comprising of a rehydrating night balm, a morning concentrate, and a hydrating moisturiser; this delicately divine collection smells gorgeous, while boasting of some marvellous benefits too.

If you love rose scented goodies as much as me, you'll adore The Body Shop's British Rose Bath Foam... It's so delightful. There's something different about this rose fragrance. To me it smells purer, more refined, and more opulent. It foams up beautifully in the bath, and the fragrance stays present on the skin for quite a while after. I am truly in love with this bath foam, and will definitely repurchase over and over again.

The Rose Oil Blend by Pixi is another of my favourite rose skincare products. I adore facial oils so much. A few years ago I discovered how brilliant facial oils are for oily skin.. they balance out oily skin with good oils, which means after a couple of weeks of use, your skin will no longer be greasy/oily.. instead it will be hydrated and glow-y!

I absolutely adore each of these rose based products! I feel that they are so perfect for springtime. What do you think? Do you like rose based beauty products? Let me know!


  1. These photos are beautiful! I used to have a rose infused facial mist from Amphora Aromatics skincare that I absolutely adored. It really is a classic fragrance. The Body Shop bath foam sounds like an absolute dream! xx
    El // Welsh Wanderer

  2. I love rose products! They always smell amazing x



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