Sunday 28 July 2019

[LUSH kindly gifted me the contents of this blog post]

I adore taking a nice, long, hot bath. Nothing screams #selfcaresunday more than a luxurious bubble bath. For me, Sundays are for pampering and recuperating – they're for preparing for the week, they're for grounding yourself, they're for getting your teeth into a good book and they're for taking some time out for YOU and only you.

I have adored taking luxurious baths for years – plenty of bubbles, a sweet smelling bath bomb and a good book.. for me this is what #selfcaresunday is all about! LUSH kindly gifted me some of their new bath bombs to try out and they are just so perfect for a luxurious pamper session!

Groovy Kind Of Love Bath Bomb
RRP: £5.95
Happy, positive, uplifting and refreshing – this stunning bath bomb not only looks groovy, but smells it too! With beautiful bright colours, this bath bomb makes you feel positive almost instantly.. and then when the scents are released you feel energised and raring to go. Perfect for before a night out or first thing in the morning on a Sunday before brunch!

Royalty Bath Bomb
RRP: £6.95
In the words of Taylor Swift... "WE ALL GOT CROWNS" and with the new Royalty Bath Bomb from LUSH, we really do all have crowns! This bath bomb is beautiful, regal and majestic. With warm and woody notes, this bath bomb screams opulence! Perfect for when you're reclaiming your crown, this bath bomb is empowering.

Deep Sleep Bath Bomb
RRP: £5.95
Lavender is a saviour of mine, whenever I feel stressed or anxious I turn to my trusty lavender. The new Deep Sleep Bath Bomb by LUSH is one of my new favourites.. not only is it deeply relaxing, but it soothes too. The perfect bathing accompaniment for winding down, switching off and getting ready for a nice refreshing sleep. I adore this bath bomb because it really helps me unwind – perfect for post-Friday pampers, #selfcaresundays or maybe even mid-week switch offs.

Lucky Cat Bath Bomb
RRP: £3.95
Pink, glittery and bursting with both colour and fragrance – this lovely little Lucky Cat Bath Bomb is puuurrrrfect for any occasion. Perfect to use when manifesting because of its lucky traits – this bath bomb has spiritual meanings as well as being uber cute. I adore using this bath bomb under a new moon – great for a massive manifestation session and opulent spell bath ritual.

Turmeric Latte Bath Bomb
RRP: £6.95
With chocolate, coffee and vanilla – the Turmeric Latte Bath Bomb is heady, heavenly and *almost* good enough to eat (BUT PLEASE DON'T)!! Not only is this bath bomb indulgent, but it's got antibacterial properties too, thanks to the turmeric! This bath bomb will soothe, smooth, cleanse and aid you in an indulgent moment.

Think Pink Bath Bomb
RRP: £4.95
A very classic 'LUSH' product, the Think Pink Bath Bomb has a bright and vibrant colour that transforms your bath water into the most beautiful pink spa-like setting. With beautiful fragrances *as always* this stunning fragrance includes hints of tonka for an extremely extravagant bathing ritual.

Strawberries and Cream Bath Bomb
RRP: £3.95
Although this little beauty may look like a LUSH Bubbleroon, it is in fact a bath bomb.. a beautiful bath bomb might I add. With the sweet scent of strawberries and cream, this bath bomb is both nourishing and delightful. A new LUSH classic? I think it might be!

Which of the above new LUSH bath bombs would you like to try the most? Let me know below!


  1. Love me some self care sundays honestly its just a say to relax and take care of myself

    Candice x


  2. I haven't tried any of their bath bombs, but I do love all the products I've tried so far from them!!


  3. I love Lush bath bombs! The Deep Sleep Bath Bomb sounds perfect for me because I struggle to sleep and lavender always helps x


  4. I love your cake stand for the bath bombs, so cute!! The strawberries and cream bath bomb sounds right up my street! xx

    Megan Elizabeth


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