Saturday 23 February 2019

You're not going to be loved by everybody. Fact. You're not going to love everybody either. Fact. Not everyone is going to think you're gorgeous, or funny, or kind, or down-to-earth, or attractive. Not everyone is going to want to be friends with you, and not everyone is going to think that you're amazing. And you're not going to want to be friends with everyone. And that's okay.

I've never been uber popular, I've never had a million friends, and I've never really wanted to be/have either of those things. Some people want to be liked though – I suppose it's human nature to want to be liked and loved – but some people will do anything to remain liked by almost everybody they know. There's nothing wrong with this as I believe in each to their own, but then again – it's really sad that they feel they need to be liked by everybody they cross paths with in order to feel valued. 

I'm a pretty easy going person. I don't care if people don't like me – it doesn't bother me. And I don't hate anybody. Sure, there's a few people I dislike, but I always make sure that if I dislike somebody, there's a valid reason for the manifestation of that dislike. But I will never be harsh to somebody just because I'm not keen on them. I will always remain classy and civil – after all, I am adult, so why would I want to act like a child?

Sometimes you might have no emotion towards somebody. You might not like them, you might not hate them, you might just feel nothing. Feeling nothing is normal too.. and if you do feel nothing towards somebody, just remember that that is okay, and that nothing does NOT need to be changed into a something. 

If you're one of those people who hates feeling disliked by people, so you try to do anything and everything to be liked by everyone... remember you don't need to be liked by everybody. I'm pretty sure you don't like everyone, so why would you want to be liked by people you don't like? It's fine to dislike people, disliking people is also human nature. You're not a bad person if you dislike somebody.

Someone might not like the way you dress, the way you carry yourself, the way you speak, the way you look – but none of that matters. It doesn't matter if somebody doesn't like you or a part of you – especially if they aren't relevant in your life.

We all need to remember that we are entitled to have exactly who we want in our lives, and if you feel like somebody is no longer serving you in your life.. it's OKAY to remove them.. just as much as it's okay for them to remove you.
Detachment is our greatest blessing. It can be hard, it can be challenging, but if detachment aids your mental health – there's nothing to lose. 

Just remember that if you don't like somebody, please don't be mean to them. It's healthier for you and for them, if you just phase it out – phase out conversations, phase out interaction, and phase out contact. There's NO NEED to be abusive, either verbally, online, or physically. If you don't like somebody for whatever reason/or if you have no views/opinions/emotions towards somebody – it's okay to let go, release, and move on.

Just because you don't get along with somebody, does not mean that you need to be mean. Still be kind, still smile, still be civil – but please don't feel like you have to be bezzie mates with them... because you don't.

Just remember that it's okay to put yourself first. And just remember that if somebody doesn't like you – it's not because there's anything wrong with you (unless you know you have hurt them). And also remember that if you don't like somebody, it's not their fault (unless they have hurt you). When we dislike people, it's usually because of a deeper issue that is unresolved within ourselves, unless of course you have hurt them/they have hurt you.  

I hope this has helped somebody who needed reassurance. Reassurance that it's okay to dislike people, reassurance that it's okay to not be everybody's cup of tea, and reassurance that it's okay (and vital) to work on yourself in order to then begin to see the good in everything and everyone.


  1. Looks super cute how you styled this dress!
    xx from Bavaria/Germany, Rena

  2. This post was such a lovely, honest one to read. You have articulated all your points so well, and you really do come across mature, classy, and kind-hearted. I'm definitely going to save this post to read over when I need some reassurance!

    Lots of love xx

  3. I love this post. I have a tendency to want to be liked because I never really fit in growing up and I was bullied a lot. So I stay quiet so I don't say something awkward or stupid in order to feel liked or accepted more. Which is stupid because I'm turning 30 this year and I'm still not over the past. But I also remember that I don't like a lot of people either. It's just all about being yourself the right people who are meant to be in your life will stay.

    Hannah the Mad Dog


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