Sunday 10 February 2019

Since getting into Wicca and then becoming a Wiccan Witch last year, I have been really interested in divination. From pendulums, tarot cards, oracle cards, and scrying – there's an array of different forms of divination. One of the forms that I am most interested in, and intrigued by is tarot...

For Christmas I was lucky enough to receive a deck of the traditional and uber popular Rider-Waite Tarot Cards. They are the most famous tarot cards, and I think that they are truly stunning. The illustrations, the bright vivid colours, and the way in which they are presented – they're just synonymous with divination, Paganism, and all things magickal!

I've still not bonded entirely with my deck, as it takes so much time to learn and understand how to use them. This is why I bought 'The Ultimate Guide to the Rider-Waite Tarot' book. This book is truly amazing... packed full of information that outlines the meanings of the minor and major arcana, plus meanings of the colours used on the cards, and explanations on the way in which the cards are set out. Different colours mean different things, the amount of cups or swords shown symbolise something specific, just like the way in which the figure on the card is facing will mean something too. The book goes over all of the cards roughly, but with divination it's really about personal interpretation through the messages that you receive, the vibes you feel, and the feelings you get. 

Practising reading tarot is hard. For some it comes easily, but for me it doesn't. With oracle cards, I can give myself or my mum a reading with complete and utter ease, but with tarot I'm a bit clumsier, but I suppose with more practise it will come to me more easily. 

When I first received my deck, I kept them close by for the first week. I kept them in the living room, and I shuffled them a lot. Shuffling them is so important, especially when giving readings. I only give readings to myself and my mum, but it's still important to give them good, regular shuffles, as this shuffles out the negative vibes so that the cards are cleansed for their next use. 

I'm learning constantly how to become more comfortable with my tarot deck. As mentioned previously, if you're not naturally gifted, it can take time to build up your intuition – but keep at it, because once your intuition is nurtured, and you become more in tune with yourself, your surroundings, and the people around you, you should be able to use tarot as a form of divination with complete ease... maybe even sooner than you think!

If you're looking to get into divination and/or tarot, I highly recommend the 'Rider-Waite Tarot Deck', and 'The Ultimate Guide to the Rider-Waite Tarot' book. The book is really helping me understand my deck more... no doubt once I've read the book through a few more times, practised readings with myself, my mum, and other close family/friends, then I'll probably be much more comfortable, and bonded with my tarot deck. 

Are you interested in tarot and/or divination? What types of divination do you work with?

I'm personally most comfortable with my oracle decks, and my pendulum!

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