The Seasons: The Complete Folio Anthologies

Sunday 28 October 2018

I'm a massive lover of each of the seasons. Each of them bring new life, and a magic that can be indescribable. I'm a romancer of the seasons – I find beauty, magic, and romance in each season, because to me, they are beautiful, unique, and well, I just adore seeing the alterations in nature. The Seasons: The Complete Folio Anthologies – is a stunning series of books. Four books that celebrate each season in their splendour. Complete with musings, diary entries, poems, and more, these beautiful books are brimming with delights from each of the seasons...

Each of the Anthologies are beautifully presented. With gorgeous illustrations throughout, poems, diary entries, and other season-related writings and musings – each of the Anthologies will fill you with joy when said season arrives. 

Getting you into the mood for each of the seasons, these stunning Anthologies are perfect for getting to know, and understand each of the seasons a little more. I am personally a massive lover of autumn – it's a beautiful season that I romanticise (probably a bit too much), and that I constantly long for. The Autumn Anthology is perfect for cozying up with, while sipping a hot cocoa, and watching the leaves fall while the windows begin to steam up. The illustrations are beautiful to look at, the poems are food for the mind, and the diary entries warm my heart.

The Spring Anthology romanticises flowers in all their splendour, the greenery, the birth of new life, and the start of new beginnings. The Summer Anthology reminisces upon summer evenings – warm, golden, and slow. The Autumn Anthology touches upon the warmth of summer diminishing, while the sunshine stays intact, but all while the first frost becomes apparent. And the Winter Anthology describes the transition from fall to Christmas, and Christmas to spring.. the warmth of the fires, the carol singers, and the crunch of the fallen snow. 

The Anthologies are stunning. They are beautiful in every way, and so perfect for the colder months – cozying up and daydreaming of the seasons that are yet to come, and the ones that have passed but will be back again soon. Perfect for any nature lover, and romancer of the seasons – these books are beautifully compiled and put together.

As a gift to a loved one, or as a gift for yourself, these stunning books will be received so well, as they are a true gift from nature, all about the atmosphere that each season brings.

The Folio Society exclusive The Seasons collection, anthologies of prose, poetry, diary entries and musings, edited by Sue Bradbury  illustrated by Petra Börner, is available exclusively from



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