Elie Saab fragrance comparison: Girl Of Now & Girl Of Now Shine

Thursday 4 October 2018

I recently discovered Elie Saab's fragrances, and oh my goodness – they're a dream come true, aren't they!? I first had a sniff of Elie Saab's Girl Of Now Shine a few months ago, and ever since I've been hooked. Aromatic, musky and darn right gorgeous! Within this post, I shall be comparing two of Elie Saab's fragrances – the original Girl Of Now, and her latest Girl Of Now Shine...

Girl Of Now – the original

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Girl Of Now, the original GoN fragrance was released in 2017. Girl Of Now is a floral oriental fragrance, which has some beautifully bright notes. With top notes of orange, pear, pistachio and mandarin; mid notes of orange blossom, magnolia and almond; and base notes of patchouli, cashmeran, tonic bean and almond milk. This fragrance is highly opulent and extremely sensual. The scent lasts all day, and if on a cardigan or jacket that you might not necessarily wash after each wear, the scent lingers for days, if not weeks! Girl Of Now has a creamy, musky vibe – a vibe I'm really digging recently. This fragrance is extremely opulent, and what I would class as my 'best scent' – a scent I wear on special occasions and days I need an extra boost. 

Girl Of Now Shine

Available from FragranceDirect.co.uk for just £32.50 (30ml)
The latest addition to the GoN range is Girl Of Now Shine – the second from this collection. Released earlier this year, Girl Of Now Shine is the more seductive and a tad more fun younger sister. With top notes of mandarin orange, bitter almond, pineapple and pistachio; mid notes of bitter almond, orange blossom, ylang-ylang and jasmine; and base notes of vanilla, patchouli and iris. Again, the longevity of this fragrance is exquisite – it lasts all day, without fail. The scent lingers on your clothing, hair and skin – it's strong, without being sickly, and that's a trait of it that I adore. 

Both Girl Of Now, and Girl Of Now Shine are Eau De Parfums, which mean they're strong and long-lasting, and of a higher quality. They're opulent in both scent and presentation. Gorgeous bottles, gorgeous fragrance, and the gorgeous feeling of luxury once spritzed on, these stunning luxurious fragrances are so delightful. These two fragrances will forever be two of my favourites, as they have everything I look for when looking to purchase a perfume. 

If you're a fan of sweet smelling scents, that have a real musky base – then these fragrances are for you. I'm sure you'll love them both just as much as me, as they really are so beautiful, and so so lovely!

Have you tried any of the two fragrances from Elie Saab's GoN fragrance family? If so, which is your favourite? My favourite would have to be the original, and my mum's would have to be Shine!


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  1. Girl of now is one of my favourites, not tried the shine one yet


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