Autumnal styling | Autumn leaves and pumpkins please!

Monday 15 October 2018

As you all know, I'm autumn obsessed. Autumn is my favourite time of the year, and I am SO thrilled that my favourite season is well and truly in full swing! In this post I shall be sharing some of my favourite autumnal styling tips...

I love autumn fashion. When autumn is in full swing, the weather is perfection. Cool, crisp air, stunning sunlight, and an amazing atmosphere. Autumnal weather is the perfect weather for fashion in my eyes, it means it's cool enough for a jacket, but warm enough to not freeze! It's cool enough for tights and leggings, yet still too warm for thick wooly tights. 

My current go-to autumnal outfit is a super thin/sheer blouse, with black leggings, a teddy coat, chelsea boots, and a tan handbag. This outfit is SO comfy, and was ideal for pumpkin picking!

For me (to quote a very famous saying) fashion is what you buy, and style is how you wear it. Anybody can buy the same garment as you, but it's how they execute the outfit – that's what really matters. Someone could team a rust teddy coat with an old tracksuit (ew!), but somebody could then team a rust teddy coat with an all white outfit and it looks amazing. Same coat, but a completely different look. And that goes for any garment you own – providing it's executed well, you're onto a winner.

Also, being a curvy gal shouldn't stop you from looking chic! Hence why this outfit is all from Simply Be. – curvy gals can be chic too!

I decided to team my Spiced Orange Teddy Coat with the cutest sheer blouse. The blouse has rust detailing, which really helps as it matches perfectly with the coat, in turn making it pop! I think this combo looks amazing, as it looks as though the outfit has been thoroughly thought out, when in fact I teamed it together purely because of the colour palette! I was a tad weary of the teddy coat at first, as I thought that because I'm a curvy gal, it would make me look larger, but it doesn't! It flatters me, it makes me look warm and cosy, and the double breasted style really makes my figure look great! I adore this coat SO much! 

Fashion is what you buy, and style is how you wear it. Anybody can buy the same garment as you, but it's how they execute the outfit – that's what really matters. 

I added a pair of black leggings (which I am obsessed with at the moment). In my eyes, black leggings are perfect for fall – they go with blouses, jumpers, sweaters, t-shirts, and everything else in between! Okay, okay, so they may be seen as a little 'basic' – but comfort is key (especially when you're pumpkin picking), and I just cannot say 'no' to a pair of comfy black leggings on a lazy day at the pumpkin patch! I also added some cute taupe chelsea boots, and the most amazing tan handbag by Dune London! The handbag matches SO well with this ensemble, and I am so amazed at how well it teams with the spiced orange teddy coat – it's almost a perfect match!

For me, fashion trends are a guideline. I don't copy them down to a t, and I won't ever be a carbon copy of a catwalk ensemble – I would much rather style up my own interpretation of the season's trends. Don't try too hard to be like everybody else, instead take small snippets from the catwalk, and then style up any outfit according to your personal taste, style, and so it's in keeping with your personality too! I like to think my fashion sense is a representation of my persona – classic, classy, yet fun, sassy, and bold!

Teddy coats are SO on trend right now, so make sure you get one, as they're a surefire investment! They're comfy, snuggly, and they make any outfit look bang on trend for AW18/19! Teamed with almost any outfit, a teddy coat can add a chic touch while keeping you snuggly warm and feeling like you're snuggled up in bed!

Like mentioned a trillion times above, this outfit is SO perfect for autumn! It's comfy, warm, super chic, and great for autumn walks and grabbing a PSL!

Steal Mollie's autumnal style...

My Spiced Orange Teddy Fur Coat is literally my new favourite coat... ever! I LOVE a coat, and own so so many, but there's just something about this super snuggly coat that appeals to my autumnal heart so much!

I love a floral blouse – they look smart, bohemian, and to me, they're a huge staple in my wardrobe. This stunning autumnal sheer Black Floral High Neck Lace Blouse is SO chic.. it's also SO comfy. I thought that as the waist line dropped a little, that it would make me appear bigger, but it flatters my figure beautifully, and accentuates my broad bum and hips! I'll definitely be styling this up with jeans in the near future – black ripped, blue acid wash, khaki... the possibilities are endless!

I adore a good pair of black leggings. They can be hard to find, but when you find a pair you love there's no turning back. These Black Leggings are SO comfy, and they STAY UP! They don't fall down, they don't go 'sacky' and they smooth every lump and bump.. and they're only a tenner!!

Taupe Chelsea Boots have been a staple of mine for an entire year... I LOVE them! They're comfy, and they go with pretty much anything. The ones I have are no longer available, but I've found super similar ones here.

I am a bag obsessive. I love handbags, and I have built up a large collection over the years. Handbags complete an outfit – they set it off, and they can transform an outfit too. I am obsessed with my Tan Della Large Tote Bag by Dune London, especially for fall! A stunning tan shade, roomy enough for all of my essentials, and super on-trend and chic!

Red nails, and red lips! Nothing gets more autumn/winter than a red nail and lip combo. If I'm being honest, I LOVE a red nail and lip combo all year through – it's a signature thing for me. But when autumn comes around, I just adore this combo a thousand times more!

This is my must-have autumnal outfit... what would your must-have autumn outfit comprise of? Let me know below!



  1. Looks so much fun our Autumn season never looks like this

    Candice | Natalya Amour

    1. It is such fun! And oh no, that's so sad!! :( xxx

  2. Love this outfit, the teddy coat is to die for xx

  3. You're gorgeous and your outfit is lush too! I went pumpkin picking for the first time last week and I don't know why I hadn't done it sooner. It's so fun! xx


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