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Tuesday 1 March 2016

PINCH, PUNCH, FIRST DAY OF THE MONTH... Spring 2016 is officially here, Winter is officially over. Here's just a little 'heart-to-heart' catch up post..
How have you been? I hope that this year has been great for you. I hope that you've been well, happy and healthy. I hope that you've kept to your New Year resolutions, haha AS IF.

Health Issues

I've been okay myself. I have been having a few health issues that are currently being investigated, which is pretty crap. One of the symptoms I am experiencing is Iron Deficiency Anemia, which means I get super tired, breathless and cold too. It's pretty crap, especially when I have a full day at college, which means I get REALLY tired by the last lesson of the day commences, or if I only have a half day at college I will come home and fall asleep. Ugh. But other than that minor blip, I'm doing well.


College is great at the minute, if not slightly (massively) demanding. I'm one of the producer's for my college's promotional videos that will go live on my college's new website in June(?). I'm in charge of filming Maths, Electical, Sport and Public Services. It's super fun, an incredible experience and it'll look damn good on my CV. 


Carnaby is getting slightly aggressive. He was meant to be getting his operation (neutered) a couple of weeks ago, but something cropped up. We think he's getting aggressive as he probably wants to get out there and meet with some female kitties, so we'll have to get him done ASAP, as he keeps launching himself at me before sinking his teeth into my arm, but I promise he's the most adorable thing in the whole world. Carnaby is fine in general though, apart from his occasional aggressive behaviour and sharp claws. He's growing every day and the black spot on his nose has grown SO much too!

Our apartment

If you have been following me on here, social media or any other form of life sharing thanggg, then you'll know that I've recently moved. Me and my mum having been doing up our new apartment and it's looking absolutely GAWJ! I can't wait to show you all properly, I will try and dedicate a blog post to some of the things we have been up to ASAP, as we're pretty damn in love/pleased with how it's turned out!

Bates Motel

I AM OBSESSED WITH BATES MOTEL. Me and my mum are both SO obsessed with the American TV drama series 'Bates Motel' which stars Vera Farmiga and Freddie Highmore. Me and my mum are forever acting out scenes from Bates Motel as we think it's bloody hilarious, I am forever shouting "MOTHER" and my mum shouts back "NORMAN", we actually crack ourselves up so so so much, it's that funny. 

I hope that Spring will be great for you. I just felt like writing a simple and relaxed post, as I am absolutely knackered lately, so this is just to keep you in the loop (I doubt anybody has even read this though). There's so much more coming up on here and my YouTube channel though, so be sure not to miss a single thing!!

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  1. I have iron deficiency anemia as well, defo wears you down a lot! Hope you feel better soon, love ur blog :)


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