Beauty | Live Love Makeup Obsession Eyeshadow Palette Review and Swatches

Thursday 3 March 2016

'Live Love Makeup Obsession' - a mysterious brand with no web page, retailers or social media. I adore this palette, but who are 'Live Love Makeup Obsession' and what is their 'Love your look palette' like?

I recently discovered a new makeup brand, 'Live Love Makeup Obsession' - this makeup brand has no website, social media profile or anything that says they are a company, other than their label on the back. I did discover though, that their makeup is made and manufactured by the same people as Makeup Revolution's makeup and also Freedom too. This has brought me to the conclusion that 'Live Love Makeup Obsession' is yet another sister brand of my favourite budget brand, Makeup Revolution.

The palette I picked up in BHS (British Home Stores, which is a UK high street department store) is their 'Love your look palette' - this palette features a mix of gorgeous neutrals that are super pigmented. Down the left hand side of this palette, you have a trio of matte neutrals that are perfect for brow bone, base and crease - this trio gives you THE perfect base for adding metallic shades on top, or you could simply wear it as it is, for a natural and 'barely there' eye makeup look.

You get a good variety of shades in this palette, which means endless eye makeup looks at your fingertips. The pigmentation of the metallic shades really is of a high quality, the shade will stay all day on your lids and will barely move, which is incredible for such a cheap product. I sadly cannot remember the price of this palette, but I am pretty sure it was under £4. I bought this from BHS, so be sure to check in your local BHS if you are looking to purchase this gorgeous palette. I highly recommend this palette to any person of any age, as it's staying power is incredible and the pigmentation is to die for!

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