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Friday 4 September 2015

Today (4th September) is my 18th Birthday. I can't quite believe it. I've been walking this earth since 1997...
Another year older, wiser and knowledgeable. Being 17 has bought many ups and downs and I'd like to share them all with you today, on my special day..

First of all, here's me and my beautiful mummy. The only one who is constantly there for me. The only one who knows me properly. The one who was in labour 18 years ago. I love my mummy so so much. She is my very best friend and I can't thank her enough for being there for me through everything. I love her so so much and I can't thank her enough for everything.

My pet Jasper died. I miss him an awful lot. He was such a gorgeous little chubby ball of ginger fluff. He was around 17 years old in human years of course. He passed away over the rainbow bridge on October 2nd last year.. such a sad day. I remember crying ever such a lot. I miss him. Love you King Baby Jasp.

Being aged 17 saw my first London Fashion Week experience which was an absolute blast and I adored sitting FROW to see a fashion show. I got to see Rhona Anne showcase her Portraits of Elegance collection during a Fashions Finest event and then I also got papped during LFW in Feb, which was an experience and a half!

I started College/Education for the first time in 2 years whilst aged 17, which was a little scary but ended up being absolutely fine and actually enjoyable. I met some fabulous friends too.

I also started up my YouTube Channel whilst aged 17 which has been amazing. I went from 100 to over 1,000 subscribers in around 6 or 7 months! I'm super proud of myself and my patience with making videos. It takes so much effort but I personally find it so incredibly rewarding.

Me and my mum were made homeless which has been an awful experience and I wouldn't wish it upon anybody. It's tough, draining and we've cried a lot.. but there's a glimmer of light at the end of the tunnel. Whenever anything seems to be going okay or getting better; things get worse or something bad happens and I'm sick of it. We're not asking for much - just a normal, happy and a tad boring life.
We have been housed, which is a great thing. We now have a home to reside in, live in and hopefully be happy in. I am looking forward to the future a lot more now and I am so so grateful. These past 3/4 months have been truly horrible and the worst that I have had to endure, as of yet. I am so happy that we can finally start to move on and look forward. Positivity is key and we wasn't positive in the slightest, but we tried and we conquered. I can't wait to blog and vlog all of my moving antics.. whatever you're going through; big or small, you will be fine. Just paint on that smile with your fave lipstick, dance in the rain and sing out loud. Life is too short and we all take too many things for granted.

If I've learnt anything in the past year as a 17 year old, it'd be to live each day to the fullest and to not take ANYTHING for granted. The roof over your head, the shoes on your feet, your own health, your family's health and happiness too. be grateful for everything; no matter how small.


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