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Sunday 13 September 2015

After hearing many fellow bloggers and YouTubers use this wonder product, I decided to give it a go.. what were my thoughts? Keep reading to find out...

The Mask of Magnaminty is a saviour for acne or blemish prone skin. 'Why?' I hear you ask, well, let me tell you. This mask is made by LUSH, if you've been a reader of TPOMQ since I first started writing this blog, you'll know that I have always loved LUSH and their incredibly cruelty free, fresh, handmade products. I was first introduced to LUSH when I lived in Poole, next door to their main and first ever store (registered office) - 29 High Street, Poole.

The Mask of Magnaminty contains lots of wholesome and fresh ingredients such as cooling and invigorating peppermint oil that will calm down any redness; honey which is an antiseptic and also acts as a moisturiser too; Kaolin which cleanses and absorbs any oil and finally organic ground aduki beans which polish and warm the skin.

At the time of trying this product out my skin was in an absolutely awful state! My forehead was covered in red, dried up spots (which were poisonous but I was naughty and popped them, like I always do, oops!) but now my skin is glowing - apart from the burn underneath my eyebrow because I left hair removal cream on my eyebrows for too long... hence why there's no recent skin pics!

So, to start off with I'll just take a generous scoop of this wonder mask into my hand and rub it all over my face, paying attention to blemish prone and oily areas. I then leave this mask to do its thang (it tingles so so much!!) and I'll watch some YouTube, read a book or write a blog post! Then after around 15-20mins, I'll head back to the bathroom, take a face flannel, soak it in some warm/hot water and scrub off the mask!

Once the mask is off, I'll finish off with some skin perfection moisturiser by L'OREAL or if I'm particularly spotty, I'll use some prescribed acne cream or gel, such as Duac Once Daily and then I'll most likely go to sleep. (I didn't however, use my acne cream whilst testing The Mask of Magnaminty as I did't want it to affect the results. All opinions were on just using The Mask of Magnaminty and clean lukewarm water.)

After one use my skin instantly feels more awake and alive but after a weeks worth of uses my skin is completely different and feels so smooth, clean, fresh and most importantly; blemish free. Now that this wonder mask has cleared up my troublesome skin, if I do get the odd, small breakout, I can just apply one small blob to the spot and the next morning the redness would have disappeared and the spot would have decreased in size. THIS STUFF IS INCREDIBLE. YOU NEED IT!!!

I would give this product a defiant 10/10 as it's incredible value and dries up any spots, soaks up any unwanted oils and also keeps redness at bay too. The Mask of Magnaminty is by LUSH ltd. and retails at £5.50 for 125g or £9.75 for 315g. I went for the smaller tub as I was only testing it out and didn't want to spend too much but when I do re-purchase this wonder mask once more, which I will 100% be doing, I will purchase the bigger tub as I honestly cannot get enough of this mask!

Have you tried The Mask of Magnaminty? If you have what did/do you think of it?

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  1. Thanks for the recommendation! Do you have a problem with acne scars, or just active blemishes? I'm looking for something to help the red spots on my skin from old spots.



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