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Thursday 17 September 2015

Super Mario's Dungaree's gets THE hottest makeover EVER.

To celebrate the thirtieth anniversary of the ever so popular video game 'Super Mario' - a bunch of some of the most recognised fashion designers have united to create a collection of highend dungarees in Super Mario style. These blue overalls have never looked so freaking high-end. From polka-dots to ethnic prints and textures to the iconic Super Mario blue to metallic space-man - these overalls are now a fashion statement. 

The best thing other than these overalls being totes FASHUN is the fact that they're being auctioned to the public, (yeah, you can actually get your hands on these fabulous pieces) and proceeds will go to the Starlight Children's Foundation, which is incredible if you ask me.

Zandra Rhodes

Above is Zandra Rhodes' interpretation of Super Mario's dungarees. I ADORE this design so much as it screams brightness and fun. She replaced the iconic 'M' from the overall to her initial - 'Z'. I'm pretty sure that this particular garment will end up selling for A LOT of money.

Charlie Casley-Hayford

Charlie Casley-Hayford created a darker more 'punk rock' interpretation of Super Mario's blue dungaree's. With a more 'rough and ready' feel, these patchwork beauties would look incredible with a dark lip, back-combed or crimped hair and a pair of Dr Marten's - how very punk rock.

Digital Fairies

Digital Fairies created this sassy baby pink number that I could totally see a member of the Confetti Crowd sporting. Heidi or Lulu would rock this beauty. 

Gary Card 

Gary Card has created this stunner of a dungaree. With silver, shiny cut outs of animations from Super Mario, this overall has a very contemporary feel to it which I adore so so much. I could see Bip Ling sporting this at LFW. 

Giles Deacon

Simplistic but incredibly chic, Giles Deacon created this pure white dungaree with his fave character; the "Spiny" that is sure to be a big hit with fashionistas!

Henry Holland

Henry Holland, ONE OF MY NEW FAVE DESIGNERS, created this very classic yet re-vamped overall and guess what?! I LOVE IT! I'm sure this will be the MOST popular among fashionistas! Covered in mushroom lives, this overall will bring back many memories for many people, I am sure of that.

Marcus Lupfer

Another simplistic piece but this time more of a statement piece. Marcus Lupfer has designed this monochrome polka-dot number which I adore! Imagine this with a pair of sparkly UGG boots!? I think it'd look fabulous and way out.

Marques Almeida

This elegant piece is by Marques Almeida and I adore it. The ruffle are divine, the pureness is divine and I could totally see Daisy from Pie and Fash wearing this to LFW! She'd rock it so well.

Peter Jensen 

This piece by Peter Jensen is another monochrome number but this is in a cat design. I adore cats so I adore this. This seems to be a dress, unless the photo is misleading!? It's so bold and really makes a statement so I adore it.

So, there! That was all of the designs for this fabulous anniversary celebration that also helps out a charity along the way too, which makes it even better if you ask me. 

What is your favourite overall from above!?

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  1. I think Zandra Rhodes design is really cool and I could imagine myself wearing those dunagrees, ready to drive off in my own mario kart :D

    Sonam xox -


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