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Sunday 20 September 2015

Sophie Theallet @ New York Fashion Week
I adore this time of the year. Why? Two words - Fashion Week. When I say 'Fashion Week' I don't mean just one week, I mean almost 2 months worth of Fashion Week's; Milan, New York, London and Paris, just to name a few. I love getting to see the coming trends, new prints, textures and colour combinations. 

Sophie Theallet, French fashion designer, showcased her new SS16 collection at NYFW earlier in the week. Theallet was 18 when she attended Studio Berçot, a fashion design school in Paris. Sophie has designed pieces for the first lady - Michelle Obama. 

Sophie Theallet's SS16 Collection has the perfect colour palette which mixes brown with gold and khaki with white. This collection could easily pass for an AW collection and that's what makes this particular collection more appealing to me. I love the neutral and rustic tones that Sophie has incorporated into this collection as I think it adds a little more depth into SS instead of the usual pastel pieces we would usually see from a SS catwalk. 

I adored how the models are all of a different body type. You have slender girls, curvy girls and slim girls, and to me, this ensures that the consumer can see what the clothing looks like on REAL women instead of the skeletal models whom appeared on Victoria Beckham's showcase earlier this week. I have nothing against skinny girls, or Victoria Beckham as I think Victoria is an incredible role model, but what I don't agree with is how she is promoting skinny-ness to the extent that she did during her showcase. Skinny girls are beautiful, as are the more fuller figured girls but I draw the line at promoting skinny-ness in the light that she did.

Above is Sophie Theallet herself, after her showcase during NYFW earlier this week. I adored this collection and CANNOT WAIT until I see how the highstreet translate this into more affordable garments that you and I can purchase!

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