It's Been A While...

Saturday 1 October 2022

It really has. I can't believe the last time I wrote on here was around the time of the late Queen's Platinum Jubilee. Since then so much has changed - nationally, globally, and personally too. In fact, I just realised I never documented my birthday on here - something I've done for years upon years. So yeah, I'm 25 now - a quarter of a century - and so so much has altered in my life. 

I was thinking the other day about how much I miss writing silly little blog posts for my silly little blog. I miss writing, rambling and talking endlessly about fashion, beauty and everything in between. And that's when I made a vow to myself to begin again.

An integral part of my life, blogging has been with me and a huge part of my identity since 2013 - meaning this website has existed for nine years this December. From my first blog post which was a literal sentence, to the essays I've written before branching out into my freelance career - this corner of the internet will forever remain my safe haven, and I want to make it yours too.

I'm hoping to make a bit of a blogging comeback if you will. I'm not going to vow to any silly schedule like I have done in the past, although once a week might be a good start. So hopefully I can stick to it. One blog post. Every week. 

Whether it's a hot take on something, a moan about the mercury retrograde or the moon (I have so much to say about the past month, but we move), a fangirl moment about Taylor Swift or a plus-size fashion styling guide (I'm hoping to be my fabulous fashionable self on here once again... the 'gram just isn't the same) - I'm coming back baby!

So, where have I been exactly?

Well, you (and I) need to remember that this blog started up in 2013 - when I was experiencing health issues and wasn't in school. Since then I've done my GCSEs at college, progressed onto university, graduated with a degree, went back and then studied for an MA certificate. And now I'm a fully fledged journalist with a over a year's worth of freelancing under my belt and a fixed term contract at a national newspaper. 

You could say life has been hectic, busy, and totally manic - but rest assured, so amazing too. 

Feeling blessed and humbled by life, I feel bringing back the blog at the start of autumn 2022 is a milestone moment and one I have to embrace.

All I have to say is brace yourself... and let's hope I can make the epic return to blogging I so want to. 

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