Hosting A Jubilee Party To Remember, And Celebrating 70 Years Of Her Majesty

Sunday 5 June 2022

[ad-pr – dress and shoes were gifted]

The Jubilee bank holiday weekend was a very monumental four days for the United Kingdom. As a 24-year-old zillennial growing up in the UK, I'm not really supposed to be a fan of the Royal family – a large chunk of my generation despises them – but personally, I am a huge fan. 

I understand where people's opinions of the monarchy come from, and I'm not saying they're wrong or belittling their opinions – but personally I am a huge fan of the Royal family, the Queen, the Cambridges and the rest of the Royal cohort. They are a huge part of our country. Countries around the world envy our monarchy, and I believe we are all so blessed to have such a wonderful family heading up the UK and representing us on the global stage.

Booking time off work to celebrate Her Majesty's 70 years of service was a must, and I did so to truly honour her and all she has done. Hosting an intimate balcony party with my mum, drinking Pimm's until the sun set, watching the patriotic coverage on the TV, and decorating with union jacks and wearing vintage dresses. 

The Queen has dedicated her entire life to us all, and for that alone I believe she should be celebrated and applauded. 

Wearing my favourite 1950s style dress from Collectif Clothing (gifted), I donned the gorgeous Hortensia Caterina dress* and posed up a storm on my aptly decorated balcony. I've loved these dresses since 2019, and the love affair is still going strong because of how well-made and well-fitting they are. Hugging my curves and giving me an hourglass silhouette – there's nothing I dislike about the Caterina dress style. 

Styling the look with a vintage Liberty London scarf, my Fortnum and Mason basket, and some Lulu Hun Georgia heels* from Collectif (gifted), I think I achieved a really sweet and fitting vintage look. 

Over the four day bank holiday weekend, it was all very lowkey in my household. Dressing the table, hosting a small buffet, reading books about the Royals and feeling patriotic – all in the middle of dressing up in vintage attire and snapping photos on film cameras. With Jubilee merchandise in the form of tea towels, mugs and tea caddies, we devoured Jubilee-themed donuts and listened to the national anthem. 

The weekend as a whole was glorious. The TV coverage was incredible. And getting glimpses of the Royals was truly magnificent. 

I'm well aware that people my age probably have differing views – and I honestly appreciate and respect them all – but as a bit of a Royalist, celebrating this historic event was so exciting, and such an honour. 

I won't continue to babble on about my love for the Royals, but I'll just end with thanking Her Majesty for all she has done. Oh, and an extra thank you for giving me the opportunity to dress up in 1950s clothing and reminisce about the era I should have been born in. 

God Save The Queen!

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